Complete 100 Matches

Just a question but not sure where to ask.
Saw someone on the Steam boards mention that Weaves no longer contribute to the 100 wins.
Is this true?
If so, intended?
Iirc I finished both WHC and most of Zealot solely through Weaves.
Or did I imagine all that?
Thanks in advance.

It’s me you saw.
It NEVER contributed to the 100 wins. (but again, I didn’t try the new QP Champion weaves as I’m playing ranked weaves mostly)

Except that I finished WHC through Ranked Weaves.

Confirmed Weave quickplays don’t award progress.

Would really appreciate a Fatshark eye on this when possible. I’m certain I finished WHC through ranked weaves and I remember having a discussion with someone else about how nice it was that Weaves counted. Sadly I don’t have anyone online to help me test.

In my opinion Cata weaves and up are harder than base game so it should certainly award progress.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t (so probably others stuff did help you like deeds, or weekly events, but not ranked weaves). This is an issue I reported during the beta, and also day 1 of the release and when the season 2 came out. (and I did 120 weaves s1 & 2)

I’m at 67 victories with Iron Breaker and I mostly played only him during the 120 process (after the first 40). Which mean I should be done already as s1 only would have given me 80. (do track my remaining stuff in an excel sheet :p)

Ok I’m not looking to move the debate from Steam to here I posted this thread to ask a Fatshark dev directly.

I don’t believe they ever contributed, but I’m awaiting confirmation from our Game Designer.


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