The 100 games on Champ+ per career

Any reason levels played in CW and weaves do not count towards that achievement?
Feels underwhelming, because other not level-specific achievements can be done in CW.


Probably a bug, not a lot of people pay attention to that stuff.

This has been around since WOM 2.0.
It definitely isnt a bug.

I can kinda see an argument for weaves not counting, as they can be significantly faster than an average mission.

However, I don’t see why chaos wastes pilgrimages don’t count, they’re certainly time consuming.


But there’s still the difficulty of finishing a Weave on Champion +. They should count, imo.

100 % not a bug. This has been discussed several times for the Weaves and it has also been discussed for Chaos Wastes:

This is intentional. And it should be change.

I do. AFAIK only a full run will count as a single tick.
For that reason I’m not playing CW…

It took me and my group around 60 hours to play weaves 1-160.
Maybe 2 or 3 weaves = 1 game, or something like that.
But weaves absolutely do take a lot of time.

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I never said they shouldn’t, just that I could see an argument for it. On average at the minimum difficulty (for credit), they tend to be shorter.

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Agreed. With weaves they could have it scale, e.g. early weaves you need to complete say 3 for the counter to go up by 1, later weaves start to change to 2 and then finally 1 considering the difficulty.

Chaos waste expeditions should definitely count at the very least as 1, if not 2 simply considering the sheer time investment over a normal campaign QP round.

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