Weekly Quests and Longterm Okri's Challenges - Change needed

Currently several of the Longterm Okri’s Challenges (100 games Hats and Skins) as well as at least five of the randomly drawn Weekly Quests (Art, Tomes, Grims, QP, Event) can only be done in the normal adventure mode.

Fatshark, this has to be changed because right now you are feeding into the hands of the people claiming that the only true / “core” experience for Vermintide 2 is the Adventure Mode and everything else is negligible distraction which should best be removed or die off. If you want your other modes (mainly CW as it is available to all players, to a lesser degree Weaves) and effort for these modes to be recognized it has to be mirrored by the design of your meta-reward system. This means change is necessary in a TIMELY manner:

1.Longterm Okri’s challenges

This is really really easy. Let CW-expedition and Weaves count for the 100 games challenges, expeditions maybe even twice to mirror the time spent there. There is no reason to even discuss it. It should be like this for Chaos Wastes and should have been like this for Weaves for a long time already. Period.

2.Weekly Quests

This is bit more complicated but still not rocket science. I understand that Weekly Quests are somehow meant to direct the player stream towards certain modes to keep an influx there (WE, QP) or to inform people for “hidden” elements (Tomes, Grimoires, Art) and also in a quantity that need something around 2-4 games per week. However, it is completely catered to the adventure mode. For change you have two options:

  • You make all quests so general that they can be achieved in any mode. This can be done for example by removal of these quests. This will potentially leave us with very few and far-to-easy and fast to gain Weekly Quests like killing 25 Specials which is half a game at best. This can also be solved by introducing these elements in other modes like one guaranteed Tome and Art in the final Weave / Chaos Wastes arena. Or it can be solved by offering alternatives on the same quest like Quickplay counting in Adventure / Weaves / Chaos Wastes or instead of collecting a grim, completing a cursed map in the Wastes.

  • You give us options by offering us a multitude of potential quests of which we can pick as much as we have currently for Weekly Quests (4 + X depending on DLC numbers). While this takes the guiding effect from the developers, it allows the player to chose quests for the mode he enjoys without feeling limited. So you can make different quests for the different modes. Since we need then some more quests you could use the chance to introduce more quests. We know for example that you can track bomb kills, just saying. In worst case you could outsource quest design to the community (minus technical limitations of the actual coding part).

The second option has the “risk” that people obviously only chose the super fast and easy quests. To “counter” this - if necessary - you could implement a “set” system. Let’s say we have 15 quests to chose from with five being easy and fast (Kill 50 specials, Kill 100 enemies with bombs) , five being medium (Collect 9 Tomes, complete two cursed maps) and five taking more time / longer (do 8 quickplays, complete two expeditions from the beginning to end) you could link them together in sets of three (with one quest of each “category”). If you complete a set, you get an additional reward to the Shillings, for example 2 red dust per completed set (with seven quests this results in four red dust per week which would give a good way for acquiring red Weapons in a measurable time, early crafting for reds may have to be restricted).

You could use the Gods theme which the Chaos Wastes expansion is built on. So you have a Valaya-Set, a Sigmar-Set, a Myrmidia-Set, a Taal-Set and a Lileath-Set.

Arguments count for Daily Quests as well, obviously. Numbers are exemplary and have to be decided by Fatshark. This HAS TO be adressed in a timely manner, at least the Okri’s challenges which is very very easy to fix.


It shouldn’t count. Either leave it how it is (the Fatshark solution), or implement new challenges for the Wastes specifically.

Same goes for the weeklies. A bunch, maybe four, that specifically ask for something that only can be done in the Wastes. eg. “Buy a 700 Hero Power Weapon”, “Reach the Citadel and Survive”, “Spend 1000 coins”.


Most of the weekly quests are set up to coerce people into playing in a fashion that Fatshark deems as orthodox. This really sucks.

Why force people in pre-made teams to play 10 quickplay games? Or people who play weaves to run levels in adventure mode? Or people who play quickplay cata to pick up tomes and grims?

All weekly quests should be generic an completable no matter how people decide to enjoy the game. Isn’t the whole point to encourage people to engage with the game regularly? So why force them to play in a way that may not appeal to them?

Quests should be things like: kill x monsters, get y ranged headshots, complete 10 games (no matter what the mode), complete a level without using your ult, use 1 health pots/kits or less in a game, pick up no ammo, use no potions, complete games as 3 different careers, don’t get pounched by a gutter runner or hooked by a hookrat in 3 games…

The weekly event needs to go too. It sucks.


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Also: the ‘Kill critters’ weekly quest. Haven’t seen a single critter in the Chaos Wastes yet.

You make all quests so general that they can be achieved in any mode.

The ‘grims’ and ‘tomes’ regular mode Grail Knight quests already have their Chaos Wastes versions (finish Chest of Trials and find Pilgrim’s Coins, respectively). Something similar can be implemented for the daily/weekly quests.


Didn’t think of this one. But this should be easily implementable by adding some critters into the Wastes (and Weaves). Doesn’t have to be rats and pigs if that is an issue with lore.

This is a really good point as well. Chest of Trials is already shown to be working as trigger mechanism. And conquering cursed maps is also something the games does notice (see loot chest screen). So they can be used as alternatives to Tomes and Grimoires. Something like:

  • Collect 15 Tomes or overcome 15 Chests of Trial
  • Collect 8 Grimoires or conquer 8 cursed maps

If the Weekly Quest progress would additionally be saved per on-map-basis and not on per-expedition-basis it would offer a real alternative and allow players to enjoy both modes with the feeling of missing out.

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