Pilgrim expeditions should count towards the "Complete 100 missions as ... on Campion or above" challenges

Make it so Pilgrim expeditions counts towards the “Complete 100 missions as … on Campion or above” challenges (weaves too if they don’t).

I think it’s another strange decision to unnecessarily split up the game even more. A trend I really hope the developers will not continue in Darktide.


This is another one of those things where again, I feel the players are united on this and nobody really has any valid arguments to not introduce such a change into the game. FS only knows why they won’t or will implement QoL changes like these and currently.


Just looking at how things worked in the past, I would assume that if they were to implement this it would have to wait for a larger update. They’ve rarely issued minor updates for the game and plenty of times things that to the community felt like “pressing changes” had to wait until they were bundled together with many other tweaks/fixes.

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Agree. To be honest I’m not convinced it will be changed at all & that’s fine what’s done is done.
I just hope Darktide will walk away from this.

Most likely not. But it is still worth complaining about it. Maybe they will hear it at one point because I don’t see much reason for that not being the case. And you aren’t the only one who has asked for this particular change:

And those aren’t even all of the posts relating that matter.


Could just be that it’s more complicated then just snapping there fingers because it’s two different game modes. Maybe they rather spend time on fixing bugs & new content instead of solving that problem. I can understand that if that would be the case. So I just hope they will have it in mind in future games.