Quick Play still not counting for Okri's Challenges

How come, that after all this time, the Quick Play from Winds of Magic and the new Chaos Wastes still doesn’t count towards the daily and weekly challenges?

It is really illogical and if you want it to stay like that, then please specify ingame that they are not the same, or rename one of them to something else.


I second the (implied) suggestion of getting progression on the Quickplay missions from playing Chaos Wastes.

I want to play the new game mode, not spending hours farming the 10x campaign qp missions.
If the point of the weekly mission is to motivate players playing qp, motivating players to play chaos waste qp would be a good thing too.

Wholeheartedly agree. I’d go further and let Expeditions count towards “complete 100 missions as X career” Challenges, even if 1 expedition = 1 mission. It really hurts the longevity of the mode.

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