Chaos Wastes maps / complete expedition do not count for Complete 100 missions as *career* on Champion or above

Noticed that CW expedition maps or expedition completions do not count towards the 100 missions Challenge for careers. It would be a nice change to make it count even if for just one for a completed expedition.

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I disagree, I actually checked and confirmed it does. Maybe it is yet another Host/Client thing though, I was hosting.
I’ll double-check just to be certain rn

That would be helpful because I can’t check right now. But the public perception so far is that they don’t count towards the 100 mission skins. And I see no reason why it shouldn’t.

Finishing CW expeditions also doesn’t seem to count for the ‘win match as specified character’ daily quest.

These reports seem to suggest that they don’t count:

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So I did a QP expedition that turned out to be the Citadel, hosting, and it did not count.
I was in the middle of a non-citadel run to make sure but the game crashed…