Progress in first 40 weaves should carry over seasons

I may suspect that 41+ weaves are repeat of first 40 on higher difficulty and bigger spawns, as it was in earlier betas. Most of high-end players are bored playing first weaves, but it’s okay when you do it just once. Like some grind is acceptable, whatever, not a big deal.

Fear of replaying low difficulty weaves 3 months later when season is reset feels pretty meh. I do believe if one completed first 40 weaves, he is qualified for hardest weaves and shouldn’t repeat them each season.

How it looks in theory:

One super pro guy, let’s call him j_sackrat, completes all 120 weaves with his team, season is reset, weave-forged items are kept and he can start playing right from weave 41. He has no score on weaves 1-40 anymore , but they count as completed. That way he’ll experience every new weave (if I understand what these seasons for), right from weave 41, and he won’t need to play on low difficulties, jumping straight to hardest ones. Everyone is happy, and it’s not like they miss too much of a content.

Number can be lower though. Weaves 21-40 are pretty fine as well, so instead of saving progress of first 40, it can be first 20. But number 40 seems more logical.


all progress should carry over,
ther should be no reset

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This cracked me up :joy:

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Mye should defo be something like this after this season. I personally was really bored of the first few days having to replay all of the super boring ones to get into the more harder stuff so no complaints here.

I don’t think we need to keep all progress in total. Progress in loot system (Athanor and upgraded weapons) should stay, and these said first 40 weaves. Whole point of season system is to keep this gamemode fresh and new with each iteration. There would be no point playing past-40 weaves, if progress in them would stay. And past-40 weaves are generally fun and hard. Like I’m already struggling in 31-40, so I’m pretty sure past-40 are okay as well.

…after 40 same pattern repeats again but in harder mode… so having first 40 not subject to reset litelary changes nothing.
Because; 41-45 nature x5, 46-50 metal x5, 51-55 light x5 (same magic pattern repeat)
I think they need to make magic element RNG,

They shoud see if they can improve intrest in people to join weaves, i found somewhat hard to find people to do desired weaves.

Gee, I sure wonder why that is…

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