Reset weaves mode is a bad idea? Or need some tweaks?

“Reset weaves mode” what does mean exactly?

I hope to not lost our characters upgraded, because:

  • Probably Ill play just 1 season to reach 120 weaves for portaits and no longer back to weaves mode if I lost all my upgraded items, grind again from 0 is not fun,
  • There are a lot of stuff to upgrade, if you reset only weaves progress, Ill play it weaves again for sure if there are some new portraits again to unlock,
  • I’ve understand your idea of “playing with random people and make new friends”, but if you reset weaves from 0 we have again to play from weaves 1, so for lower weaves is not important the team, we play with random players for sure,
  • All players play only with 1-2 pg, because nobody want to grind essence to level up another pg (also because playing cleared weaves gain how much? 100-300 essence?), so, save items progress with reset of weaves will make available play with more people when we have more pgs available with decent power level.

(Sorry for bad english as always, maybe ill learn it in future when I activate my windows)

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