Season 1 Leaderboards

Is it not possible to look at the leaderboards from Season 1 anymore? I can’t seem to find them.

If leaderboards get deleted once a season is over, then it would makes weaves even less rewarding than they already are. There would be little incentive to go higher than weave 120, since your progress resets to weave 40 and the leaderboards get deleted. And if you’ve already acquired all the frames in a previous season, there wouldn’t be much reason to play weaves again in the next season, for the same reasons.

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I am very angry myself as someone who got onto the first page for group/trio/duo and solo. Part of the reward is bragging rights and being competitive with the top 100 players. How can a game mode be competitive if the results of the season get deleted every season? lmfao.

I will not be playing future seasons of weaves and competing in them. I will get my weave related achievements each season then im out.