[XB1] Gun rats/bomb rats/Wargores. Cause mass disconnects or crashes in weaves

Made a account to make a post here.
Some weaves are basically impossible to beat unless you kill the gun rats before they even start shooting and the bomb rats will always disconnect mass amounts of people or even crash the host. Wargores/banners when stacked up on each other (like a lot of banners) will disconnect multiple people and leave the host all by himself to fight basically everything. Weave 92 for example on Xbox on the final part spawns a large amount of guns before spawning a massive bomb rat hoard if the guns starts firing, it will disconnect all 3 players and it leaves the host to fight everything by himself. It’s actually kinda critical because it’s makes some weaves borderline impossible to complete and I think it really should be looked into.
The short version - Gun rats/Bomb rats/banners are for some reason disconnecting everyone and crashing everyone from games.
You can recreate this by literally playing any weave that has more than 2-3 gun rats, a lot of banner spawns, or massive bomb rat spawns and witness everyone’s games completely shatter.

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