Ratling gunner crashes and disconnects

Hello Fatshark,

After downloading the 38gb update and then subsequently buying WOM myself and some friends of mine have encountered a very prevalent bug. It is caused when a ratling gunner appears and typically causes at least one player, sometimes the host, to crash (blue screen). This seems to be more common on higher difficulties, especially Cata. Multiple ratlings seem to increase the odds of crashes. Also, Dark Omens is virtually unplayable on Cata and sometimes the crashes aren’t tied to ratlings.

On a side note ratlings have been causing client disconnects on Legend FOW since at least this time last year. I have done numerous FOW runs with many different people and it seems like a 50% chance of everyone but the host disconnecting at wave 8. I have also gotten reports from friends saying this is also present in FOW Cata.

Thank you for any help you can do to aid this situation. It has caused some of my friends and top ps4 players to forget FOW.


I also noticed that and reported. They are aware of that issue.

We have a patch coming hopefully by the end of the month that will address the a lot of issues on the PS4. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for responding. That’s is great news!

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