Ratling gunner crash

Issue Summary:
Taking continues hits from a ratling gunner crashes the game. Confirmed as host, not sure about client.

console-2018-12-15-19.47.07-4E58E634-1295-480B-A34D-04CA.log (887.8 KB)
console-2018-12-15-18.21.41-9E23740B-56D1-49B6-8CC8-8FD1.log (1.3 MB)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)
Happened three times today (two times from ratling gunners, once from Deathrattler)
Happened a few other times to me as host and other hosts I’ve been playing with.

~22:15 UTC
console-2018-12-15-21.41.23-CAFFF6F8-9C72-46EB-813B-862C.log (1.5 MB)
crash_dump-2018-12-15-21.41.23-CAFFF6F8-9C72-46EB-813B-862C.dmp (518.6 KB)
DxDiag.txt (74.6 KB)

Happend to me twice always with the rattlingunner very close to me. I tried to melee him both times as host.
Similar to your experience @freqlectic?

It’s been during the firing sequence, when taking more than one or two hits. I tried it as client and nothing happened.

Edit: I just crashed as client. Going to start disabling mods and see if there’s an issue there.

console-2018-12-15-22.33.06-02DD807F-D04E-4372-AC3E-2004.log (771.0 KB)

This is the Friendly Fire Indicator mod crashing. The mod author is aware and working on a solution, but you’ll need to disable the mod for now to prevent the crashes.


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