(XBOX) FoW cataclysm disconnections

FoW in cataclysm is maybe the hardest challenge from the base game. Nevertheless, it perfectly doable with the good team. it requires to be focused for a long time and never do any mistakes. but what can we do if each time after the 2nd monster when comes the ratling wave all players get disconnected from the host ? we try to rejoin and it takes a long and the bots waste almost all the healings. Like i posted previously, it seems that ratling gunners are responsable of disconnections or making the game laggy with 5 seconds decay between the moment you shoot them and the moment they die. With the recent hotfix it seems that you kind of fix that on the weaves ( particurlarly in the 12 and 63)can you please fix that on cata too?
Another issue that i’m sure you are aware of is the instant agro switchin of berserkers and plague monks.
These 2 main things make the FoW cata allmost impossible. I’d like to think that if i manage to succeed in that map, it ll be only due to teamwork and skills without any prayers for the game not crashes or disconnect people.
Last question : is the hotfix the only patch plan for juanuary ?

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Sorry to hear all of this. I’ve raised your concerns with our Console Developers.

Nope - we have another patch in the works!

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Good to know

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