Fire Rats and Rat Gunnies and line of sighting, what the heck?

These guys need to be adjusted big time. If everyone is out of ammo or these ratties are out of line of sight and they can pin you, you’re screwed. I have to say these NPC’s here probably makes me the most enraged. They literally pin you to a wall and you die slowly. It’s incredibly bad design.

Same goes for Rat gunner’s as well. If your caught in the open and you can’t range these guys down, your basically pinned to a wall or stuck trying to sprint to them (which never happens since they are able to wind up another volley before you reach them.) These NPC’s also have huge Line of Sight issues like most of the ranged NPC’s at the moment. This HAS to be fixed it’s game breaking and quite frankly just not fun to deal with.

Here’s a couple of solutions to consider.

Increased Spool / Weapon Charging times. (Give players a chance to dash for cover or attempt a melee charge.)

Add more solid terrain elements to in-game walls. (This will help keep the rat’s from shooting through, wood, stone, ect. )

Reduce Range on these NPCS or create a “venting period” after a series of ranged barrages. (This makes sense since we have to vent our own armaments, why wouldn’t they need to?)

Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing something done in any capacity.


I seem to see Gunners shooting through walls less often but it still pops up from time to time. Definitely something I’d like to see cleaned up a bit. As far as being pinned by Fire Rats goes just back dash out of range if you’re being hit by them. As an Ironbreaker I’ve tanked Gunner volleys on my shield for a second or two while other people put holes in them.

These enemies are tough, but not too tough. :3

Typically I’d agree and that’s exactly what I do when I encounter one of these bad guys. However on modes like Champion or Legend when your usually swarmed and you can’t back up OR worse when more than one special spawns your kinda SoL. Especially if there’s a whole horde or quite likely two hordes between you and a clean shot at them. Which typically includes shield rats that tend to block ranged attacks anyways.
In the grand scheme of things it would certainly help.

I think ratling gunners suppressing an ill-prepared team is kind of the point. Shooting through walls is lame tho.

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When you know where they are, you can shoot trough wall too.
But i think this isn’t working as intended

Getting pinned down by them and rekt if you’re out of ammo and don’t know how to flank is exactly the point of these specials, though. This is why conserving ammo is important!

If you’re pinned down and don’t have ammo, whoever is the target needs to hide / run while someone else flanks the special. Or hide behind Kruber / Bardin shield and slowly move forward.

You’re definitely right about the shooting through walls bit, they should not be able to see through / shoot through walls or solid objects of any kind.

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Can you actually? I never thought to try and shoot back through whatever it is they were shooting through. I’ll have to try next time, that’d be hilarious lol

I have done that and yes, this is hilarious.
I think that happens because there is no collision between walls and bullets/arrows