Add dangling rat back

in v1 you could stamp rats on the wall with arrows, can we have it in v2 too :o


In V1 you could cut off Ratling Gunner’s heads. Why can’t we do that in V2?


Damn it I knew I was missing something. The way this game lets you creatively kill enemies has always been a fun element to me.

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I remember reading that they decided to remove the pinning because of how it would sometimes cause the necks of Skaven to stretch crazily and generally bug out.

but is that a good enough excuse e_e?

is that their approach to all bug inducing features ;o?

question for the ages L_L …

I’m with you - I loved it, bugs and all. XD But I guess they considered it a worthy trade-off.

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meanwhile ragdoll physics sometimes spazzes out causing the entire body of a creature to constantly fling giant stretched out limbs into random directions like a giant attempt to cause screen-tearing @_@ one was annoying me so much at one point that I threw a bomb in order to displace the body off a cliff to despawn it quicker.

Yeah, it did occasionally do that total spazz. But I remember one time a Stormvermin’s head was pinned to a floor, and by hitting the body constantly as a group we could get it to stretch like ten feet before it bounced back!

Good times.

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There are some bugs I enjoy. This would be one of them.

The other one I liked was when you killed a flame thrower rat and its death gargle-scream just kept going forever.

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