Pinning enemies to walls

In V1, arrow and bolt weapons could pin enemies to the wall. Are there any plans to put this into V2? The wizard gets a new disintegration effect, so it would be cool for bow and crossbow users to pin enemies to the wall again.

Cue the bouncing stormvermin pinned to a wall by its head.


oh my. i had forgotten about this very important feature!

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I miss that feature! It was one of my favorite things in vermintide 1, especially when the enemy was jumping down and got pinned to the wall mid-leap.


it was pretty awesome. like after a fight you walk past a line of enemies just dangling from the wall, like a macabre trophy lineup that you know will frighten any ratty looking at it.


I’m going to download V1 just so I can experience it some more. XD

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It still works, but probably not that good like in V1.
It would kill everyones GPU if you stack the whole horde into the Wall and nothing would despawn.^^

You can knock things into a wall, but you don’t pin them to it. At most the ragdoll glitches into the wall and holds it up, but it’s just not the same.

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If the enemies jump down anywhere and you shoot’em, they get pinned into the wall. Got this sometimes… the most prpbably despawn quite fast and like i told… it’s not the same like in V1

There were a number of issues with that feature, the main one is that sometimes pinned models would start to stretch in hilarious (or gruesome?) way, adding a much unneeded visual bug that they were unable to fix. So they went the easier route, no pinning to walls with arrows.

I kinda miss it myself, but if that’d introduce another bug? No thanks.


Eh, there’s already hilarity when corpses clip into walls from strong enough attacks.

Removed feature. Considering the inane reasons other things were removed, it was probably because they couldn’t work the physics around it in V2.

It’s removed because you could pin a rat to a wall then the neck stretched longer than the amount of time it takes a woman to pick a pair of shoes. This is equal to the length of all known space. i.e. bloody enormous.

I’d also like to see this feature brought back. The occasional stretching effect was simply funny to see, and it’s not like Vermintide 2’s non-pinned ragdolls aren’t silly already. I can hardly get through a single horde wave without a slaverat or two spinning at several thousand RPM, and if a Chaos warrior gets knocked down, killing him makes him do flips.

Arrow-pinning would add to the game, not detract from it.


A sorely missed feature from V1 that I kept wondering whether I was the only one missing it=) I wish they’d add it back but I think there is no chance - just imagine them coding the animations for all Chaos enemies as well - too much work considering current Fatshark struggles to add ANY additional content to the game, so they instead opted out to cut some out. Understandable from a dev perspective but very lame from a V1 veteran perspective=)

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