Hitting Through Walls

Is it supposed to be possible to hit hordes through walls?

Cause Ive seen allready in any maps with buildings, one guy cover the door and the rest is hitting through the wall and killing all mobs.

I guess not.

yea this was possible even in v1, it’s a game engine thing i believe. u can track enemies thru walls by sound and if the wall is thin enough, give them a good poke.

not realistic but part of the fun! lol

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Was a thing in vt1 also so its not bothering me atleast, but dont mind if it gets fixed,also rats will also sometimes attack through doorways sides like if they start attack animation and you move back inside the house.

That makes it way easier and exploitable

Every game is exploitable depending on your definition. People used to say that stacking melee was an exploit. If you feel that it is unfair then you don’t have to do it. I personally like to see my enemies but at times I will throw a hit or two through the wall because I am afraid that the enemies will hit me through said wall. And the only place I really know where you can do this effectivly is the first grim on against the grain.

Empire in flame also. Where the first grim is. For what Ive seen, you can from any building with narrow walls.

I havent tried in all the walls. But some friends of mine tend it to do a lot. And im sure it wasnt made as that.

Dont call it exploit if you want. But it makes killing hordes really easy. Put a tank on the door or any class. And if the horde has to pass through the door coming from a side of the house and not from the front, they just make the way so you can kill them before arriving to the door. All just hitting the walls.

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