Dogs opening doors, a mutant called Karma

are the devs going to be to adding in the animation of pox hounds standing on hind legs, pushing the handle down and saying peekabo as they enter, or can dogs not just open doors when you shut the one behind you to focus on a horde the other side , it’s like when a mosquito opened a door on me in fallout 4 :joy:

on a slightly more serious note, those doors all 4 players have to be inside, then they shut and ‘scan’ as it loads the next area, i was meleeing through the door and a mutant grabbed me and threw me out of it so i had to die to respawn in the playable area of the mission, will that be fixed in the main game or like dark souls will the enemies be able to hit you through containers/cover/doors/walls, kind of annoying,

otherwise loving the game/beta so far

That’s on you, dude… Didn’t your parents tell you not to play near automatic doors!?

More seriously, hitting through walls is really dumb, but at least it’s fair since you can do it too. Killing enemies through floors or cover feels cheap, though, and totally immuhrzion breaking.

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i’d rather the pox hounds dont open doors that breaks it more xD

yeah it’s karma i went for some cheap kills and had to die for it after i killed the mutant , because i couldnt jump back through the doors, also a beast of nurgle spat me out the map so i was non stop falling till dead haha,

true, unlike dark souls where they can hit you through the walls but you cant him them back through it :joy:

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