Don't fix the flying dogs! (No negativity)

This is not meant to be anything but a fun post of wacky gameplay as a break from all the stuff going on in the forum.

I hate bugs, well most of them at least.
The dogs are a bit sketchy but when you stun them and they fly away i lose it everytime with laughter!
Same thing applies to mutants dying in their charge instantly by hammer or the ogryn grenade.

If anything I’d like to see some more crazy ragdolls especially with heavy weapons such as hammer and mauler.

You can even embrace these crazy ragdolls and odd behaviour by adding a few voice lines such as: “By god emperor they can fly now” and “Ha ha smacked into oblivion”, it doesn’t matter, just embrace it.

At the end of the day i just love silly and stupid gameplay.

Do you have any fun moments to share?


The correct way to fix dogs is to rename them from Poxhounds to Warphounds.

Their maddening and absurd behavior is just warp magic. DONE.


That’s definitely a hot take if I’ve ever seen one. Personally I could do without dogs upon getting hit flying directly upwards in front of me upon getting hit near a wall just to then land directly on me or some other bs, but maybe that’s just me :man_shrugging:.

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Well it would certainly help if the dogs did not fly while still alife.

The corpse flying away, is just funny.

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