Flying dogs

Issue Description:
Sometimes the dogs, when jumping to a player, start to fly…

Steps to Reproduce:


Reproduction Rate:
Common (<50%)

Since the patch that tweaked Dogs, we are seeing flying dogs. While I like to see dogs learning to fly, it impacts a little (a lot) the efficiently of the dogs.

Not only they start to fly, they are sent flying directly above your head, and when they fall down, they grab you.

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That’s the best part… Add’s real depth to the combat! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I don’t know what the devs intended to “fix” with the dogs, but they are 100% worse than before. Now I can neither Dodge nor push them. There is no consistent counterplay other than shooting them and staggering them.

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I have seen a flying dog with my own eyes.

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Oh nice, I thought I was lagging. I can’t push them consistently anymore neither…

Personally shoving almost always works for me, dodging I can attest can feel back and fourth. As they do tend to gravitate towards me as I dodge, but I just try my best to spam dodge and shove at the same time, otherwise pox hounds has just been the most problematic out of the specials they never seem to be truly fixed.

yep thats annoying, there is a delay of few seconds before he lands, in a horde thats precious, having to switch weapons, and aim to the sky to kill it is weird. and waiting for it to land is excrutiating

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