Pox Dog dodge

After the 11/22/22 patch it feels like you can no longer dodge pox dogs at all. Been seeing videos as well lately of dogs even changing their leap direction mid-air on the leap as their ‘hitbox’ for determining if they land the leap or not seems much wider now than before resulting in this weird rubber banding.

Additionally since then the dogs themselves seem to do just that, rubberbanding with no proper physics, bouncing around as if there is no kinetic motion to their movement and jumping through random obstacles when being shot/through character models/scaling walls vertically.


Yep the Pox Dogs need some help. I’ve seen Pox dogs literally 360 mid air and change direction this patch, it’s hilariously broken but also very annoying on Damnation when 3 can spawn at once.


I had gotten very good at dodging dogs but it now seems to have suddenly turned into a hit or miss deal. Same goes for perfectly timed pushes. Other members of my team have ran into the same issue.

I think the current meta is to just stand still and wait,

  1. to see if the dog is ACTUALLY targeting you
  2. to see if it randomly bounces off a wall and is sent flying into space
  3. to see if you’re pounced - disregarding of damage done/dog(d)e etc.

33.33% chance for each option.

It’s very disorienting. Also even if they miss wherever they end up seems basically random. Hits only register on them like 50% of the time when they’re running. Overall a mess of an enemy.