Happy Medium Between Fake Walls and Invisible Walls

Noticing a lot of invisible walls blocking my snipes now on WS. Didn’t bother me too much at first but today it stopped about six shots that were really blatantly nowhere near grometry and cost my group a grim cuz I couldn’t save a packrat victim; should have been an easy save. Arrows kept banging off barriers 2-3ft away from any geometry.

I realize this likely won’t be revisited and I’m grateful we aren’t getting hosed unfairly by gunners anymore but if there’s an easy way to refine the protruding barriers it would be much appreciated. I can’t see the things that’re stopping arrows being manually adjudted in the last patch so I’m hoping it’s a matter of fine tuning a global setting.


I personally would just suggest to allow players to shoot as if we were on 1.0.7, it does mean being able to shoot ratlings without them being able to shoot back, but i honestly don’t think being shot through walls or being unable blocked by invisible geometry is really something that should be a thing.

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??? I only recall this problem on Halescourge. On other maps I could always shoot back, so I am not a fan of such fix to the problem.

Reddit says the ratling gunners problem has not been fixed.

Ugh so now we can get shot through walls and we have invisible arrow-blocking barriers Q_Q

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I highly recommend you include some pictures of these areas (preferably with arrows stuck midair) so the devs actually know where these walls are, so that they can eventually be fixed. Without knowing this, devs will have no idea which art assets are affected and need fixing.

Convocation of Decay, the doorway in the big flood room where you have to search for the key after jumping down a hole, is another example of this, though, its the firt time for me to encounter something like this, so I suppose its a new thingy?

I’d normally agree but these levels don’t have free roam and it’s a lil absurd to ask a paying customer to interrupt legend runs with three other people to screenie all the bugged areas then submit a detailed bug report on it. I guess I could just run the level on recruit with bots but that’s literally playtesting work and I’m not on the payroll. If they wanna hire me, I’d happily walk around the levels popping geometry with arrows and recording the results, however. That said, it’s prolific enough that basically all geometry needs to be assessed.


Exactly :expressionless:

Most likely it its. They fixed some spots, but they were bound to break some others due to the amount of changes they’ve made. They might need several more iterations of terrain fixing until there is gonna be almost no such spots left.

At least give these players mod tools first.

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Agree with OP, i’ve found a lot of pathing blockers on huntsman and even killed myself the other day on a legend solo because I threw a bomb and it blew up in my face because it hit an invisible wall.


There have always been some, for example the first large entry way on Skittergate right after you descend from the first elevator has always had an invisible barrier.

That particular one has been fixed.

Just SS and report them whenever you find em really. Not that hard to hit the print screen key when the action dies down after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, if you really want to be a bit dedicated to helping out, run solo recruit games so you can SS safely and on your own time if you know some spots that are difficult to get while running games.

Kinda get the impression you didn’t read what I said as your second para I mentioned almost verbatim.

I did indeed miss that particular part of your post, My bad. I apologize. :slight_smile: Not even sure how that part got past me to be honest… xD

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The issue with this is that it feels really inconsistent. In this clip, the Huntsman can shoot through just fine, yet my arrows don’t even seem to leave the bow: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmericanSincereManateeDancingBaby

I’ve been trying to stream more recently just to catch these annoying bugs, but I kinda feel that finding all of these places isn’t really helping the dev team, as surely they can easily see these issues with the collision meshes.

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