Fake wall

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There are a few places like that. Another one is the gate blocking your path to your approach on the gatekeeper on Skittergate.

Could you elaborate please - is there an invisible wall blocking your path, or is it the case that one of the walls has no collision (can be walked through, etc.)?

It can be shot through by the ratling gunner as depicted in the screenshot.

Another place like that is the bell in the end of Garden of Morr - lost a run yesterday because our sole survivor got shot to pieces by a ratling right through the ‘great lump of bronze’ in the middle of the hall.

A couple of trees on Athel are like that, but I don’t have proofpics.

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as OrsonMaxwell said, the case is that these rocks can be shot through by ratling gunner

Hah, it’s really obvious now you say that. Thank you.

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