Old Haunts Church Event

The enemies behaved weirdly : they went around the church and in through the windows instead of bursting in through the door as they usually do. The door did blow up, but nothing came in through it.


Clarificatinon : I had dropped a barrel by the front door, on the inside. I don’t know if the enemies’ pathing can be altered by a barrel laying in ambush ; and if so how persistent it is since we blew the barrel up almost instantly for the monks that never came, and enemies kept going around.

I feel like the enemy AI pathing is currently bugged.

Had several ratling gunners either getting stuck or shooting into walls.

Stormvermins walking through walls.

Blightstormers standing behind a wall and summoning a storm (they were recently patched to have line of sight on the player before summoning storms).

Hookrats getting stuck and not moving. Despite walking up to them, they essentially just broke down without ever fixing itself.

Assassin rats on ledges trying to drop down causes them to do so in slow motion making it incredibly easy to kill.

Assassin rats just standing and not moving.

Assassin rats pounce towards a player then flies upwards into oblivion.

Hordes getting stuck and just staring at us.

Hordes on the War Camp climbing up on the cliffs and then dropping down on the other side despite my team and I being directly in front of the horde with no obstructions in sight.

These are just some of the things my friends, random players that join us, and I have seen since the Engineer patch came out. Normally, these issues would be considered lag and only be viewable as client but everyone saw it, including the host.

EDIT: adding screenshots as the above events happen again.

Yes I’ve had this behaviour too. It’s nothing to do with the barrel as we didn’t do that.

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The hordes clipping through the walls that were usual at the top of the elevator in Righteous Stand started happening on other maps too.

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