Enemies Clipping through walls/floors

Issue Summary: I’ve been noticing that since the patch enemies have been getting pushed through walls/floors in situations when they drop on top of a player with limited space around. The map I noticed this on the most is Into the Nest on the walkways towards the end and in some of the stair sections between 3rd tome and rat ogre pens. It also seems to happen from knockback ultis and even pushing. This all results in essentially invisible enemies attacking you through the terrain. Only appearing the last second when they hit you. This is also an issue in skittergate on the final boss fight. When mobs spawn in the corner opposite end of the side of the arena that rasknit drops down they can sometimes get stuck in the floor but still attack you yet you cannot hit them.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have enemies fall on player in a way that there is no room for them to be placed
  2. Ultimates that knock enemies back in similar situation to #1
  3. Pretty much every time enemies spawn on skittergate boss fight a good portion clip through the floor

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common (< 50%)

Babah Gan00b!

What really retracts from the ambience in the game is enemies with nonsense pathing… ie: walking through the air, disappearing and reappearing, clipping through floors and walls, etc after 800+ hrs in the game I think I have seen them all.

See this happen alot everywhere. When the party is at different elevations to the incoming hordes spawn point sometimes theres problems with the AI pathing mechanics, as I understand the root cause of the problem. The worst of it is when you see rats clipping between rooms and running through the air and they suddenly disappear. I have actually killed rats in mid air but I don’t know if they can actually attack players.

Its weird but something very difficult to code correctly I guess. The pathing works 98% of times in most situations though. Its the exceptions to those circumstances thats really hard to nail down because the randomizing is buried in layers of code. With some programming background myself, its really much more difficult to solve, its not a straight forward problem.

It has never been completely fixed. I think Fatshark knows about this problem and quite haven’t fixed it everywhere because its a bit more of a serious coding problem that they have been struggling with since launch. Its probably easier to come up and design new stuff than completely fix this problem thats how deep it is.

I don’t think the patches thus far fixed the problem neither are they the problem that causes this issue, I believe its a deeper programming problem that has some exceptional issues with AI pathing that has been in the game since the beginning.

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