Old Haunts Church Event Pathing

Dunno if anyone has mentioned it yet but the Church Event in Old Haunts (first event where you read the map) has some broken AI pathing at the moment.

Enemies simply won’t/can’t path through the door into the church and will only come in through the windows. This applies regardless of how far into the event you are; the AI will always opt for the windows and won’t path towards the doorway at all.


May be related: I played battle wizard yesterday and tried to use my ult to get out of the door but ended up inside in the right corner. The fire trail went through the door though.

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There’s broken AI pathing all over the place.

More visibly in War Camp and Athel Yenlui


Going upside down in a church? That’s not a bug, it’s possession! :smiling_imp:

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As @SirKruber said, the pathing is a little broken in general atm. Enemies walk back and forward randomly and way more frequent then before, sometimes they even stand still and do nothing. Another issue I’ve seen are stuck enemies, like a small pile of skaven frozen at one spot. Even if it’s probably another cause for this event, but I can confirm it therefore too (have been in the same game as @RedBeardedGiant).


I have a screenshot in a comment from a post made 17 days ago that showed a skaven ambush getting stuck on their spawn point. I also have one where enemies in the War Camp would climb a wall instead of running towards me.

It’s been occurring a lot since engi dropped.

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yeah also some pacing and/or spawning issues, like I had an Athel run where horde warnings would play but nothing would ever show up. Went through the whole map with maybe 3 hordes

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Yeah, I think they are getting stuck and unable to reach you.

Also, been seeing a lot of facespawning patrols again. Doesn’t happen on every map but definitely in the ravine in Athel Yenlui and after the drop down near the 1st tome on War Camp.

It’s really terrifying when you’re just minding your own business then all of a sudden in a blink of an eye you’re in the middle of a patrol completely surrounded…

Yeah, I got squished :laughing:

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