PC: Multiple bugs in new version

[Old Haunts] Enemies can not walk through the door

On old haunts the enemies are not able to walk through the door of the church after the map was picked up. See screenshot.

Steps to reproduce:

  • play map until the church event
  • watch enemies enter the church through window instead of wide open door


[General] Only host can tell bots to pick stuff up

When another player tries to tell a bot to pick up any item the bot wont react and no message is shown in chat from either the player giving the command nor the bot answering.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Tell bot to pick up stuff
  • done


[General] Cogs on the new Hammer are clipping through each other

While looking at the cogs on the new hammer i noticed that the cogs are sometimes clipping through each other. They should not do that.

Steps to reproduce:

  • hold z to inspect the weapon


[Keep] Jumping Puzzle Broken

The jumping puzzle in the center of the keep is not working anymore. The new under construction area removed the wooden beam that is supposed to be jumped on

Steps to reproduce:

  • climb up the ladder on the center area of the keep (right side)
  • try to do the first jump
  • fail miserably



we noticed that the pickup issue is not only with host and clients. Right now i know 2 guys who can not tell anyone to pick something up.

[Warcamp] Enemies are bugged in the way to the final area

Standing in the area visible in the screenshot will make the enemies glitch out

  • play warcamp and reach the area in the screenshot ( way up to the final boss )
  • observe enemy behavior


This is in regards to the bot commands not working. I haven’t seen the issue per say where only the Host can run the commands. For I have run many solo rounds and haven’t been able to get it to work. My guess would be the host of the game just happened to still have the default keys set for the tag keybind.

I agreed!!! This makes me so Frustrated :sob:

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I encounter this bug even if I am the host using the Social Wheel-only key. The workaround where you use the combined Tag & Social Wheel key instead of the Social Wheel-only key works right now. Though, I prefer the Social Wheel-only key as that does not require me to stay still while using the social wheel menu. It seems that the tiniest bit of movement (mouse movement or directional keys movement) will cancel out the Social Wheel command of the combined Tag & Social Wheel key.

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