Bug with bots picking up items

Been running into an issue where I cannot tell my bots to pick up specific items on the ground, including books.

Seems to happen everytime since outcast came out, I have the flag and social wheel buttons seperated in my controls so that may be related.


For me it does not work at all on my rebound Chat Wheel key which is Mouse 3

But when i use the default key (T) it “sometimes” works

The other thing to note, is the message for a player to pick up the item no longer appears in chat either. That is for both teammates and bots.

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I have the same problem , Also my character doesn’t talk when spotting items .

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we noticed a similar behavior. I can pick up stuff without problems and also tell bots to pick stuff up, but at least two guys i know cant tell anyone to interact with an item.
Also mentioned in my post https://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/pc-multiple-bugs-in-new-version/

I found the Fix!

Options > Keybindings > Hero Actions

You have three options:
Tag/Social Wheel
Tag Only
Social Wheel

Before outcast if you wanted to Separate the key-binds you would just use:
Tag only
Social Wheel

However in order to get the bots to react it appears you have to set the keybinds in this order:

Tag/Social Wheel
Tag Only

For example I use the “Shift” key to tag so I have it set on Tag Only. I use the “Q” key as the Tag/Social Wheel for giving bot commands.

This setup does work in-game for getting the bots to interact with items along with make gets the text to appear in chat.


Ugh, I guess I’ll have to use that workaround for now till they fix it. I really prefer having the functions actually separated, much like jump and dodge.

I am using two buttons too, and this works fine for me…

When in games with all human players if i ping an item it will not show a ping message for me or anyone else in the group - related bug?

I haven’t had an issue with bots picking up items…


When I try to make sure bots have full ammo at an ammunition box, I would click on the bot’s picture in the Chat Wheel but no system message shows up for me or the bot.

Also, they don’t seem to want to pick up items they can’t physically walk to :confused:

I can confirm the bug with the bindings and its workaround.
“Social Wheel / Tag” key makes the bots pick up goods, while only “Social Wheel” key does nothing.


Just rebinding seems to fix it for most people. You can still use separate keys for social wheel and tag. @KrakenBones @2c.liryc

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