Bugs/problems i have seen after playing trail of treachery for 8+ hours yesterday and almost 2 hours today

Players and bots respawning after the majority of boss walls.
Players and bots being cut off from each other due to a badly placed boss wall separating them when you get a boss spawn in the area where the sleigh breaks the fence and ends up at the cog wheel event.
Players and bots respawning 50-100m+ away from the group almost everytime they died.
Hordes getting stuck out of bounds or where bridge would come down once pulling the lever at the start of the sleigh event.
At the early sleigh event where the first lever is to get the bridge down the extremely old ladder bug where bots bounce up and down on specific ladders and never get off it has been in the game for years at this point.
Enemies cant be knocked off obvious parts of the map where you should be able to knock them off due to someones overuse of invisible walls.
2 or more layers of invisible walls during the finale event because map designers couldnt be bothered to line up non-invisible walls correctly.
Lots of different locations where you can get stuck, Im not going to screenshot 17 different locations.
No marker for torches whenever olesya drops them during the finale event because the spawn sound for them is always missing and you cant see them when they spawn because of everything going on when playing cata so a marker is needed.
The torch disappears and respawns back in the middle of the arena during the finale event when it is dropped for a very small amount of time (Less than 5 seconds?)
After lightning all the beacons and going inside the small house/hut there are lots of different items and a lamp oil that dont have good pickup hitboxes on them and are impossible to pickup.
The trail of treachery map has one of the lowest fps of any map in the game during both of its events because of all the snow/ice effects.



Just to add to that here a video of the wierd pickup range of the items haha:

Also the Healing potion on top is impossible to get xD.
Please leave it bugged for the memes there is enough healing to heal everyone twice anyways but we tried to get it for 5 minutes without any success haha



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