Trail of treachery crashes beside last icicle on last gen Xbox at 25% rate

Trail of treachery crashing 1/4 times consistently on last gen Xbox at the 10th icicle.
Character does not matter, difficulty does not matter, new gen Xbox does not seem to crash but Xbox 1 crashes frequently at this spot, also in the final event players are frequently hard crashing.
Does not matter if you are play online or offline.
Seems to crash when there are no enemies at random points in mission as well.

Crashes on new material can be tolerated when the system (console) is under stress, but when there are zero enemies and you are 40 steps away from the exit portal and the game crashes multiple times in the exact same spot, that is extremely disappointing.

Also crashes regularly at the gate that the town disappears to become the tower.
Please fix.
It’s a long mission and it sucks when you get nothing out of it cuz it hard crashes to home screen.

How are supposed to finish this mission on cataclysm when it crashes most of the time in between when the flash of light changes the town into the tower and pushing the sleigh through the last gate and if you are so lucky as to get through the gate and talk to the grey wizard your bots will completely ignore the existence of leeches, run directly at fire rats, charge any and every gas rat with ranged weapons drawn until they are point plank then blast them in the face, ignore blightstormers who cast through walls or from outside of the arena two at a time, and if so lucky enough to get through all that programming garbage (bots literally never dodge leeches) the game crashes beside the last icicle unless you walk on the left side of the bridge looking at the ground like you are speed running maps in goldeneye 64?

Even after tonight’s update, whatever it W’s, mission crashed while I was lighting the underground bonfires in the event…zero enemies present. Event not started.
Please fix your game.

I’ve passed this information to our Console Development team. We’ll investigate - thank you for the report!

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