Enemies walking on the air

So it has happened to me multiple times before; sometimes enemies end up magically flying through the air when spawning, often just running right through walls and ignoring players. Weird thing is I can still kill them and they eventually just fall when reaching a certain point. I have no clue what could cause this bug as my ping during this game was below 90. It has happened before with even more enemies, sometimes monsters but since I can’t replicate this bug on a whim I’ll have to wait for the next chance to take a screen shot.

It’s when host CPU is struggling and the ai director cant path correctly. Frequent with weak or overheated CPU’s. You won’t see it ever as a host. However, it’s also not related to ping.

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It doesnt seem to be the host CPU at times, some maps just seem to have spots that are badly coded.

I base this on an experience where i played a bunch of maps with another guy hosting and no one saw any such thing happen anywhere, but then we got convo and on that exact spot it did happen.

And at the righteous stand area post the arena lift.

Then same deal for myself, i was hosting and ran a heap of maps without anyone having problems but then we make it to convo, my CPU temp was sitting at 60*C, and we still got stuff flying through the walls at that exact area.

Its easy to notice if teammates are seeing flying enemies if they are hitting the air and corpses are dropping.

Another thing i´d say supports the idea of badly coded spawns is the whole finale for righteous stand, that entire place is a bleeding mess since bosses for instance wont spawn no matter what if you stand in the “wrong” place and specials can get stuck and block further specials spawning.¨

AI director does not handle situations where it can choose multiple spawnpoints well at all, scripted spawns it does well but when it has to choose by itself it struggles way more. Which i think is further supported in the above area we see from convo where it has a ton of options but it just freaks out and selects one pretty far away from the rest while also having some issue that makes the above thing happen.

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Personally I only notice this in quickplay lobbies where host obviously has some computer/networking issues or simply extremely limited upload rates.
Then again i also host nearly 70 % of my games so my sample size is pretty biased here.

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