I hate the random poxwalkers that spawn behind you so much

nothing bothers me as much as the random trash mobs that spawn behind you at odd times this stings so much as a psyker esp in highter threat levels

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I have not seen this issue in months.
Are you sure those are not simply ambient enemies that you walked past at some distance?

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This issue bugged me a lot in the beginning too, but I dunno if I just got better at the game or it was deliberately fixed but it almost never happens anymore now.

Something worth keeping in mind is that many enemies when knocked to the ground at first appear dead, but are merely stunned for a few seconds and will often get back up behind you. It pays off to really make sure you finish them off. I see a lot of players merely knock down enemies and move on, leaving people behind them having to finish off enemies that get back up.

Kill them. Don’t just knock them down. Kill them to death.

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look at around 4 sec I KNOW ITS STILL HAPPENING

I can confirm it’s still happening. You can force it by advancing faster than the AI director expects you to move. Examples for this are what @psyk posted above or stuff like getting flung by barrels, jumping off points etc.

That was my thought as well.
Skipping a section might be the reason for the enemy spawning within melee range, in the video.

Taking a regular path, i have not had this issue in a long time.
When doing similar things to what is done in the clip, it does indeed happen.

It kinda makes sense for those enemies to not be there already.

If skips are the only reason for enemies spawning so close to players, i do not really see a big issue and it is not a high priority thing to fix.

It is, and for some reason no one has managed to do it as well as L4D did 16 years ago.

Using spawn doors is proof that modern day devs are incapable. And even using crutches like hat they still fcck up as seen above.

thats just the one example i happen to record it has happened before without skipping sections.

Were you playing self hosted with the solo mod, when that happened.

It can also happen when the group is spread too far apart and the AI director focuses the spawn direction to a specific place. Say you have 3 members fighting close together and have a 4th member break off and rush ahead. If the player rushing is a character with an aggro breaking ability like invis, the director sometime seems to place spawns in relation to the 3 people group. So you can actually witness specials and elites spawning out of thin air if you rush ahead far enough.

You can test this out by going vet with double invis charge + knife and running extremely far ahead.

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no mods nothing I play on geforce now so i cant use mods even if i wanted to

yeah seems correct but the issue is it happens on psyker for me and i’m not as ballsy on psyker so i tend to ride someones coattails

Isn’t that what Darktide is about? Constantly watching your back?

idk man getting BONK in the back while running to help someone and effing up your entire momentum is not very fun

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The director can also sometimes spazz out. It’s not as frequent as it used to but depending on the team spread it can happens with pairs as well. It seems to be rarer though. Last time I saw ragers spawn out of thin air was a few weeks ago.

I think that happens to all of us.
I have it as my personal mission to guard the team’s back. Someone has to do it in this game and I seem to be the only who knows (cares). :slight_smile:

ye i try to shoot down the trash mobs that creep up on my teammates backs while they’re mag dumping but cant get em all after they fixed the bulwarks and ragers it feels like the next move imo

bro you’re literally exploiting to skip a whole map segment. Of course spawns would get confused and fill behind you.

There’s a very select few locations (I can think of 3 or so) where things spawning in does happen during regular gameplay but it’s absolutely not a general issue, it’s a map issue on those map locations. Or as was mentioned when the team is VERY split, the game wasn’t really designed for that.
As for the map locations where it happens I reported them all ages ago and nothing changed

like i said it still happens even if i dont do that and i am in coho this is just when i happen to be recording

I dunno I can’t say I ever experienced anything spawning behind me outside of those scenarios listed. It sometimes felt like it until I figured out some of the more esoteric ambient spawn locations like fences and dropdowns that random bruisers will come from sometimes. Like on the torrent maps there’s whole back alleys that arent visible to the player behind fences that can be filled with ambient mobs. There’s also spots like this where they literally drop through solid ceilings, but I think those were fixed by now. You don’t see them but they’ll aggro with sound eventually and just come out to eat your ass.

One of the spots it does happen is on the hourglass map where you ride the elevator up after destroying the 2 plague eyes. After the elevator ride, stuff only spawns in like 5 seconds after everyone stepped outside.

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