Mobs spawning behind you / cheap shots

This sucks. It sucked in Vermintide 1 and 2, and it still sucks to this day. You guys make great games, I don’t understand why the cheap shots to the back need to be a thing in all your games? It just seems like a lazy design idea to have bad guys spawn in mid-air, drop to the floor, etc. Also a lazy way to try and add tension. It doesn’t do that, it’s just frustrating / annoying.

I mean fair if we failed to clear an area and a mob gets me in the back as we rush to the next objective. LAME when the area is cleared and suddenly a bunch of mobs spawn in mid-air behind us and proceed to pummel our backs.


The 30 seconds of a stream of stragglers spawning also isn’t fun.


So I’ve only seen enemies spawn in front of me once.
I have also been stabbed in the back by an enemy that was not there a second before, but i have also witnessed enemies dropping behind my teammates from a random hole in the ceiling and stabbing them just as they walked past, making it seem like a random spawn.

This happens a lot, but it’s not just enemies popping into existance ; they are instead spawned as intended but in a very, very vicious way.


Always beware of the roofzombies!

I’ve noticed this a lot as Veteran, being a bit back from the crowd; where 2+ random enemies will pop out at 10 second intervals from a side door or drop seemingly from nowhere. What is worse are Scab Bombers popping out of doors, throwing a firebomb and retreating where we cannot respond. Even worse still is when Volley fire highlights a Poxburster running behind walls, only for it to charge out a door and immediately explode.


Throw grenades into roof holes before they come drop down.

Considering we have video evidence of it. I really think they need to massive extend the spawn radius from the character. We got a video of them literally spawning behind the guy with his back to an empty corner multiple times in a row wacking him twice.

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Things like this are not an extremely rare occurrence. Not common, but definitely something that needs fixed.

Similarly, this sort of thing is infuriating to watch happen.

In Vermintide I have no issues keeping track of everything and getting poked from behind is extremely rare for me. In Darktide it’s a semi-regular occurrence, and I even watch the ceilings. Combine it with the way enemies will casually slide 10 feet forward to hit you (something I’ve both watched happen to people and had a friend comment on seeing happen to me) and there’s some serious screwy stuff that can happen.

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Slightly tangential, but… player hitbox needs more collision for mobs. They can block you from moving or dodging, but it still feels like they climb into your pockets as often as they hop out of them.
It’s particularly noticeable on an ogryn- enemies, usually horde chaff, will get behind you not by flanking or circling, but by clipping through you and then turning around.

Totally agree, it seems to happen way too often where we will clear an area and another horde will come from a distance, so I’ll switch from my melee to my ranged weapon and suddenly bonk, some pox walker is suddenly behind me in melee range, despite half a second ago there being nothing there

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I was just saying yesterday “I feel like I’m way worse at melee in this game than I am in VT2, I just can’t seem to avoid getting hit!” and while some of it is that I just haven’t gotten used to the slower block-canceling, some of it genuinely seems to be that the mobs tagging you in the back weren’t actually present or in range to hit you .

I’m sure everyone’s seen the video of a handful of poxwalkers sliiiiding across the floor to stay glued to an ogryn’s ass- I swear I’ve been that ogryn more than a couple of times.

Yup, and there isn’t a hole or anything on the ceiling I checked on some ambushes and I called it “the ceiling is pooping heretics!”

I mean you can even watch it happen in front of you. I’ve had numerous times I’ve watched enemies track me through my dodge, casually sliding 6 feet forward to hit me despite only taking a single step. Guess Nurgle has everybody lube up their feetsies for maximum C H A O S.

It only gets worse when you look away as it feels especially BS that that enemy that shouldn’t have had time to hit your back left is suddenly on your right hitting you, or they just do a total 180 degree turn mid attack to keep following you.

Things like this just look absurd. Followed up by another one clipping through me and slapping the air but it still hits me.

I can only assume they want to avoid being able to do stuff like this where I avoid pretty much all hits I don’t intentionally take to get my cooldown back faster but if this is the way they actually want to do it and not just some unintentional jank I have no idea what they’re thinking.

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