Fix single mobs spawning right behind you

This is an ongoing issue carrying over from Vermintide 2, but it feels like it’s worse in Darktide. Some friends and I were trying the Untouchable penance together on difficulty 1 and really highlighted how bad this problem is. Constantly looking behind you to check for silently spawning enemies in mid-swing is frustrating enough, but when you look before you start running, see nothing, and then get hit in the back half a second later? That drives me absolutely crazy. I don’t care that much about the achievement, but it’s a constant issue and very unforgiving to take that kind of damage in higher difficulties.

There needs to be a minimum spawn distance so they don’t just appear out of thin air. This morning I saw a flamer just appear out of thin air 10 feet in front of me. That’s bad enough, but the ones behind you? These do not spark joy. It’s not a skill based or challenging thing, it’s just a pain that steals fun from the game.

We’ll most likely escort our friends in voice chat one or two at a time for the achievement as sort of a “protect the VIP” game mode because we’re stubborn, and coming up with silly mini games is kind of fun in its own right, but this is a huge problem. I feel silly throwing around words like “unacceptable” over a video game, but this has always been my biggest complaint about this game series. It’s tiring to constantly look behind you and still get hit anyway, it’s stressful and frustrating and takes away from the fun of a horde game, which is otherwise outstanding.


Yeah the enemies that spawn right at your back are such bullcrap. Like I’ll be standing with my back to a corner and somehow one of the crackhead zombies has got behind me and hit me in the back. Clearly they spawned in the corner since there’s no where else they could of come from.

Another issue for me is the magic Metroid Prime doors, they’re not too bad when they poop out pox walkers or even ranged dregs but shotgunners and trappers should not appear in the doorway 1 frame and fire the next. Its also pretty stupid that hounds can use them, like what is this smart doggie door tech? Where can I buy one?

I remember closing a manual door when a hound was running at me. Wasn’t sure what would happen but it turned out the dog could in fact open the door lol

You sure they appeared out of thin air? Because i thought it happened also, bit then i realized enemies tent to come out of doors i walk by. Which is cool imho. You should always look behind you.

But if they just appear, thats certainly a v2 ‘feature’ (bug) that needs to be adressed.

Dogs opening the doors is bad. But also having a bomber open the doors, throwing a granade at you, and then instantly vanishing behind those same doors. Thats nasty, especially when he repeats that 3 times.

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Not just single trash mobs, there have been times when entire squads of elites like a pack of berserkers and a mauler spawn right on top of me in mid animation. This is downright broken.

I really feel like a schizo checking behind me every 5 seconds only to still get stabbed there anyway.