I dont like that

I’m tired of magic spawn. From nowhere, in the back, a lot of enemies and without sound (yes, this is not the first message where I say the same), but this is not funny any more. I don’t blame of difficulty, but this is some much random for me.
I like the game, 1300h more or less, and I’ll be back after one or two patchs, when this bugs (this should be bugs) be repaired.

I still reading your posts, mates!


FWIW, I think it’s a client sync issue. I never see it happen when I am the host.

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Maybe. Im not sure where is the problem. I don’t remember if hosting is different for me. But with low ping, the problem is there.

As client it definitely doesn’t help as enemies can magically rubberband into place next to you on high ping, but the magical enemies happen as host too.

I think the AI director has problems spawning things in logical places since the update, now you get entire hordes emerging out from behind that one thin tree a few feet to your left because you ‘can’t see’ what’s behind it and other shenanigans.


I agree.

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