Enemies walking in air almost every match

There are enemies, sometimes half a horde, running around in the air over a large landmass or walking down cliffs in the air at some point almost on every match now. This is getting worse and worse…

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It’s a feature :slight_smile: Consider it like beastmen, something that shouldn’t be in the game but will never get patched out.

Are you always hosting when this happens? If so many be computer getting progressively worst at handling the vermin stress…

I’m pretty sure it has a strong connection to somewhat poor PC performance on the hosts part. Usually that happens for players if the hosts PC can’t handle the game at hordes. If you’re hosting, try joining games, do not host yourself.

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Yeah flying rats are usually a sign of a host/connection overload and there is frankly not much the game can do about that as long as one player’s cpu manages the AI.


Hm, I have to remember to take a note if it’s me or others hosting when it happens.

If the game can’t be hosted on i9-9900K, SSD, 16GB of ddr 4 3600, 2080 super and 300/300Mbit on fiber, I dread to image what hosts with lower end and unlocked cpus feel :s

I’m on an i7-6700k, SSD, 16gb RAM, GTX 980 and 30/10mb on a hybrid of copper and fiber.

my game runs just fine 90% of the time even on modded realm difficulties

It has been claimed that hosts doesn’t experience airwalkers. I can’t confirm it but it did happen to me on a few occasions, where clients Co planed about it while my game ran seemingly smooth as ever. I think I’ve only experienced it myself as client, but I’m not sure.

As far as I know, hosts don’t see the flying bug. It’s the clients. If you’re seeing flying mobs, the hosts PC isn’t up to par. Tell them to lower CPU intensive effects in graphics.

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