Lags and I mean insane lags


Is it just me or this game turned into something unplayable? Maybe my internet isn’t a state of the art but it’s definitely not bad enough to get such lags! ( )

The rats are basically teleportation all over the map, occasionally groups of rats appear from nowhere or disappear in thin air. I block an overhead and a second later I die from it. Overhead has greater range than my long bow…

Also a lot of other people are complaining on the chats…


It got also worse for me.
Same with performance.
Flying trough the map hordes are back, severe collision problems, etc. etc.

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Same problem for me :frowning: rats always ski dance on my screen :frowning:

Other people get pretty strong horde lag when I host, and it usually ends up booting everyone else off after 10-15 minutes or so. Yay Australian DSL

Actually saw lots of enemies walking throught the walls or in the air(likely both at the same time), enemies appearing/dissapearing when far away, got hit by CW when he swinged the other way, died with zealot passive ready(it triggered “undying” state right after i got downed), boss walked through the walls off the map(all clients saw this, but not the host), enemies dipping into the ground for a split second and etc.

And while first one could happen when you overload host’s pc, i’m pretty sure it was not the case.

Chiming in on this. I’m currently playing on wireless (reasonably good connection), and the problem suddenly got severe.

Today, in addition to the rats flying, passing through walls, and objects just generally teleporting, I saw a few other odd behaviors. Burblespew teleported out of the arena area. On the skitter gate, as I was passing through the ice cave towards the tome out on the ice, an enemy struck near me and I suddenly died – I hadn’t gone down before, my corpse wasn’t even there.

I thought this was just me for a little while, but the problem happened whether I hosted or played with another group. People reported the same problem on a map before I joined, so I know it’s not just me.

Following up on my own comment. I’m on a steam beta right now; I updated steam and restarted the computer, then the issue was much less pronounced for me.

So normally I always join someone (I literally never host). Today I played solo for a bit and the difference was just tremendous.

I am usually the one to die first but on solo I could easily last second parry, dodge run around and not get hit… I don’t know where the problem lies but it should definitely be investigated…

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The problem lies in the p2p - connection and it won´t change, till ppl will get better internet or FS will run dedicated servers.

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