Lag spikes

Since today I’m dealing with horrible lag spikes. At first everything is fine, rats gettting slayed, no delay whatsoever when I’m not host, and then suddenly the other players are moonwalking in place and the rats are running through the sky. This is then followed by the “lost contact to host, tying to reconnect” message and 1:4 I get disconnected or everything “teleports around” as I get janked back into the reality of the run and after that it’s fine again with no lag / delay watsoever - until it happens again. When I’m host this exact thing happens to all the other players in the game instead (and all of them at the same time). It happens irregularly but on average about once every 3-4 minutes.

I’m pretty sure it’s not just my internet, because when I’m on Discord with a friend while this happens we can still talk during these lagspikes / disconnects without any interruption whatsoever. The first half of the evening my partner was watching Netflix and she had no problems whatsoever as I had the lag spikes as well. (And the other half of the evening she was not using the internet at all, so I don’t think it can be an issue of somebody else using Netflix / the internet causing hiccups either.) I checked all the hardware drivers, checked Steam, checked Vermintide, but that all seems to be up to date and apparently functioning well.

Before I played today I got a mesage about EAC needing to update. Could that have something to do with that? Does anybody else experience similar problems? Anybody have an idea or a solution I could try?


Can confirm UK this evening 7.30 pm, running along fine with usual players who I have no connection issues with (All UK/EU players) and sudden enormous lag spikes. Not a little jump from 70-200 ping but unreal lagging as TmanDW described.

Same thing with discord, we had no issues chatting. My kids gaming online had no problems either.

Janking around to catch up with the game, only to get a triple-axe to the face isn’t fun. Happened every 6 ish minutes I reckon.

[edit] PC been on all afternoon so I had no notification about EAC update, would it have done it automatically?

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For me that standard Windows “permission to make changes to the system” message for Easy Anti Cheat popped up as I started Vermintide yesterday. No idea if it has anything to with it, but it’s the only thing I can think of that has changed since the last time I played Vermintide or Steam in general, and I never had these lag problems before.

And because of the reasons I described in my post I suspect it might be an issue with Steam / Vermintide specifically since the internet was working perfectly fine otherwise. I just don’t have any other multiplayer games that I can test that on…

I’m really not sure on this one. I don’t think it would correlate with the update to Easy Anti-Cheat as I would expect it to be more of a widespread complaint otherwise but I won’t rule it out!

Steam was a bit unstable yesterday, I wonder if that could have something to do with it. See how it runs today perhaps.


Thanks for checking. Will try some other stuff, maybe with my internet or something. I’ll be away from home for a week as well, so maybe it’ll just sort itself out in the meantime.

One friend out of the 3 I was playing with (me hosting) had that issue. Earlier this week he deactivated his overlay and that had fixed it, but this evening it kind of came back. Might be EAC update related but idk

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I can attest that too. It’s especially annoying on CW runs.

I’ve stable connection over cable and can just browse net with no issues. I’ve noticed that usually multiple players are affected and get disconnected.

The issue is more frequent since 1-2 weeks max

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