Unusually unstable ping

Playing with the same friend today and last weekend and everything will be fine until after 8pm EST when my ping goes from 114 to over 300 then sporadically goes up and down even when there is nothing going on in the game.

Most of the time I solo quickplay and my ping is over 200 but it’s stable. My friend @rat always hosts on the weekends and I usually have lag free games with him.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the net code in the game or if it’s just Steam that’s being unstable. My friend and I have had the same internet for the past 3 years and never had any prior connection problems.

Has anyone else who plays a lot with certain people get highly unstable ping that constantly goes up and down and causes a huge delay in game? If anyone knows what is causing it, I would appreciate some help. I’m totally at a loss.

We both tried restarting our routers, updated drivers, cleared Steam download cache, and flushed DNS (not entirely sure what this means but it said it couldn’t hurt online) but nothing has worked. I do find it odd that it doesn’t start to happen until AFTER 8pm EST …

Also, if it is somehow a Steam issue, what can we do to get it fixed?

From my experience playing with a friend from US(I’m from MY),it’s a “routing” issue if it only happens during specific timeframe.I get really weird delays if I play with him from 8am till 10am while ping(330) stays the same the entire time.

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But mine keeps fluctuating after a certain time period… any way to fix it or is out of my control?

I just find it weird that it’s never happened before until last week.

Is someone else using your connection? (Relatives/housemates)
Did you try calling your internet service provider to see if the issue was on their end?

Just me. I only use the internet on the computer. I have no smartphone, tablet, or smart tv that uses internet.

I did and there was nothing wrong with my connection.

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Have you tried doing a speed test during this time? It could be latency, strain on the connection, packet loss, all kinds of things. Also make sure you have the mod "player list plus " turned off as it can cause all kinds of latency issues.

I’ve done several speed tests. It’s not my internet.


I don’t use mods.

Are you going off the in game ping? Cause that takes a lot of other things into account, CPU, ram, etc. A lot is dependent on the host. Which is why my wife and I went from around a 10 ms ping to 30-40 while sitting right next to each other after they changed how it records ping.

That’s what I’m confused about. I know the ping in-game was changed but that was a while ago. This issue just started last weekend.

The in-game ping has always been around 100-140 on the weekends when I play with my friend but on the weekends after 8pm is when it’s been bouncing up and down from 90-400 which is odd.

I’ve ran all sorts of tests on my PC including speed/ping tests and it’s always the same with no packet loss. My friend did the same thing and nothing is wrong on his end either. He got on earlier today and everything was fine until right now.

It only happens on the weekends after 8pm EST but my internet company says there isn’t any unusual activity in the area to cause it and it’s only happening in Vermintide.

I might have to contact Steam because it’s been disconnecting me a lot recently on the weekends but I have no other online games in Steam to test to see if the same issue persists.

I recommend you continue to press your ISP about this, especially as this is only an issue at a set time. I had similar problems at home, with BT, but only with our WiFi. Changing WiFi channels ultimately solved it.

It’s definitely not my internet. I don’t live in a high dense area. I’ll just contact Steam Support. The Steam client has been wonky the last few weeks.

This may be why I’ve been getting desync so often lately.

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yeah it’s been pretty rough here recently. Idk what’s causing it.

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That doesn’t matter. I lived in an area with less than 2,000 people and had a fiberoptik line. Still got all kinda of problems. Turns out when I upgraded my Internet, they forgot to switch over a protocol on their end. I was still on PPoPe instead of PPTP or something. I don’t remember all the terms. Either way, it caused all kinds of issues for me, but strangely enough, always around a certain time. The IP company thought it was someone with a old radio or something which can apparently cause issues. Basically thought there was someone with a radio hobby causing issues.

Is it century link?

Jk, all sorts of things can be wrong we service providers, our cable company went completely down last Tuesday morning, certain neighborhoods have bad physical wiring not to mention the headquarters side of setting up accounts equipment.

I have a sporadic lost contact with host issue trying to narrow down too.

I’ve definitely noticed a spike in steam outages over the last month or so

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This is why I think it might be a Steam related issue. I just posted here in case it might have been a Vermintide issue.

Vermintide might be a fun and good looking game, but it still has it’s own problems like the “Sign-In Error” of 2018 or Crashfest during the first 3 months of launch.

No game has ever been made with zero bugs/issues.

Anyways, I’m at my wits end with it because it’s definitely not my internet. I get a free new router every 3 years and live in an area with less than 400 people. The only time my internet goes out is during heavy storms or regular maintenance (which occurs Sundays at 2am EST).

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If its a steam issue, shouldn’t everyone have this issue? Or atleast everyone that lives in the area/country you live?

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