Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release


We’re aware the 3.4 release has had a negative impact on ping and even the stability of your connection for some.

To help us solve this, we would appreciate it if you could post in the comments below:

  • A description of your connectivity-related woes
  • Your most recent console log*
  • Your region
  • Your ‘Download Region’ in Steam (Steam :arrow_right: ‘Settings’ :arrow_right: ‘Downloads’)

Please include any other information you believe may be helpful for us.

*Your console logs can be located using the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Thank you in advance, and apologies for the inconvenience. :heart:

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For issues that are not connection-related (such as crashes), please avoid commenting here and instead create a new post in the Technical Support category.



  • I always play with people from my same city and usually we have aprox 30-40ms, but since Outcast’s patch we experience 90-100ms playing with the same host (ping doesnt change even if we change the host)
  • Console Log: console-2020-11-27-04.13.27-eacef4dd-9552-40d3-9bcf-f22767c4d8bf.log (1.8 MB)
  • Region: South America (Argentina)
  • Download Region: Argentina

Hope it helps!

  • Same as above. Ping to my friends doubled with the release of the 3.4. patch (from 40ms to 80-90)
    And also with this patch, connecting players to the lobby began to take up to 3-4 (!) minutes, earlier the connection took no more than 20-30 seconds. It happens very often, and with completely different players and on different hosts.
  • Console Log: console-2020-11-27-18.21.15-831af9ca-b346-4be4-82d4-77c0c10b3801.log (2.8 MB)
  • Region: Russia (Moscow)
  • Download Region: Russia - St. Petersburg.
  • There have been a few times where I have began lagging out of games, but my ping remains normal but other players say I am walking in place. On their screen I will be downed/dead but on my screen I’m still up and walking around (albeit unable to interact with anything).
  • console-2020-11-27-00.51.23-4202926c-7e26-45c1-a270-1e8bc2b1736b.log (1.3 MB)
  • North America (NA)
  • DL Region is Houston, TX
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console-2020-11-27-22.05.52-43e574c5-fb60-4488-8b37-813f77c5a543.log (2.8 MB)

Lag feels much worse (more rubber banding) than my ping would indicate. It feels like it comes in pulses (anecdotally). It felt much worse during the initial 3.4 release, but that could just be matchmaking going farther.

My download region is Ottawa, Canada.

After the appearance of the outcast engineer and the patch, in general, the ping readings changed, so if the people with whom I play were in my city, then the ping before the update was 40-50 ms, but now this indicator has grown to 70 ms. In general, it has not grown much, but the delays in the game have increased noticeably.
Console Log:console-2020-11-27-20.49.37-ab68fc1d-701c-43ed-bd3d-98f42d3e0bfc.log (950.2 KB)
Region: Russia
Download Region: Russia St. Peterburg


It’s been a few days that we (my bf and I) can’t join any friends lobby, or even join each other. Sometimes it works for a few minutes, but then we’re kicked and we can’t rejoin. We tried everything listed here :

Apparently changing DNS helped for a bit but then it didn’t work again.

Console log:
console-2020-11-27-12.34.22-55ce8d85-f16d-4fd8-9c2b-2f7083103764.log (99.7 KB)

Region: Europe (France)
Download Region: France (Paris)

Hope it helps.

  • I am playing a lot with my brother in the same network in the same house. We have got great internet in an urban area (50Mb/s download, 25 Mb/2 upload). We used to get around 40 max ping.
    Now, we have about 85 - 90 ping and other players that join us have lower pings at around 75, than we get in the same network?

  • Germany

  • Germany, Munich

  • Can’t post a log, since my logs are several gigs due to using ui tweaks (I delete them after every session) - Could this have any impact in ping? (couldn’t imagine how, but still)

you might get a butterfly
In China ,most my friends are 300+ping,we call it red .and before it always 30-60.
Log:console-2019-09-05-16.27.10-be93fa0e-115c-470d-9e76-77a815b13dd3.log (1.5 MB)
Download region :China Guangzhou

Just to amplify my last post, it seems like the search range always increases twice before i find games. blocks dont seem to line up with enemy swing animations any more either. All the animations feel out of synch in fact.

  • A description of your connectivity-related woes
    Before 3.4 patch, when I was host and played with players in same region, clients ping are always 40~45. When I was client and played with players in same region, my ping is always 40~45. However after 3.4 patch, when I’m host and play with player in same region, clients ping are always 95~110. when I’m client and play with player in same region, my ping is also always 95 ~ 100.

  • Your most recent console log*
    Sorry. I can’t attach these. Each console logs is over 4 ~ 5GB.

  • Your region
    South Korea

  • Your ‘Download Region’ in Steam (Steam :arrow_right: ‘Settings’ :arrow_right: ‘Downloads’)
    South Korea - Seoul


I can’t join any lobby or be joined most of the time.
Sometimes it works for a few minutes, but then I’m kicked and I can’t rejoin.
I tried everything listed here :

Console log:
console-2020-11-28-20.08.03-050ac00b-8573-4597-bfa5-49ba3b3c3005.log (662.9 KB)

Region: Europe (France)
Download Region: France (Paris)

Before 3.4 patch,ping are always 60~90. However after 3.4 patch,When I play with my friends,my ping is always 150-300,and if it’s a random match,my ping is always 250-300.

Console log:console-2020-11-28-04.34.05-0e7db143-acd2-4485-91c8-57a4def2c259.log (2.2 MB)


Download region :China Nanjing

Hello :slight_smile:

*We playing with my brother.His computer near me and we have LAN connection as well. Our ping was 10-20 ms but after the changes it become 110+

  • Have had perfectly fine ping (50-80) with squad of people I play with regularly. Now, post Rattling-Bardin (3.4), everyone sits at 120-150+ ping in all games, and can spike up to +350. [In summary 50-80/ now 120-150+]
  • Console Log: console-2020-11-28-12.35.08-521cce47-e714-493e-a8f8-d826a244d924.log (3.1 MB)
  • Region: Australia - WA
  • DL Region : Australia - WA
  • hello there, after Bardin’s patch, my ping have changed from 70ms to nearly 200-300ms. This is wierd and I do some package capture and analyse by myself. Here is the result.
    As you can see from the two pics above, the remote ip address I connected to, no matter I was the host or the client, was, and
    I am playing with chinese and if I connect to a chinese host, the ip address should locate in china. But the addresses of these ip are japan and HongKong. So it seems that you are using some transit servers to transfer our connection? In the picture below,(Please ignore the chinese), the average ping of the cloud servers in china connecting to is 105.9ms.
    So if I connect to the transit server and the transit server transfer my connection to the host, the overall ping should be at least 105.9 * 2 = 211.8 ms, which leads the high ping problem.
    If you need any more information, I am glad to help!
  • Console Log: console-2020-11-28-12.02.20-98c74e12-81fc-4d45-918b-cd7c33a8eeba.log (1.0 MB)
  • Region: China - CN
  • DL Region: China - Shanghai

We used to have a latency around 50-90 ms most of the time. After the introduction of the outcast engineer, the latency has dramatically spiked up to more than 200 ms, i.e., unplayable for a timing tricky melee game. As a consequence, players have been reduced and lobbies were much less than before. You could only manually join a game through lobby browser, since the auto matching could not find any.

console-2020-11-23-15.46.41-8a2e76e5-cfc7-42c8-87c5-7345904f4318.log (900.2 KB) console-2020-11-27-05.18.01-2a634c50-91f7-4ec4-b18a-8bd142921b90.log (1.3 MB)

Hello, would fatshark consider rolling back the net work portions of the game to before the engineer update, at least before the current issues are resolved? It was at least broadly functional, unlike the current state for some.

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