Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release


I’m from Brazil, my ping was around 120 - 300 and sometimes unstable, meaning that the information would freeze, for example, playing Shade and hitting enemies when invisible wouldn’t break invisibility nor damage them, and when it returned to “normal” i was dead.
But since the latest 3.4.2 patch the ping seems better, im getting arround 70 - 90 wich is arround 10 higher then what it used to be.
Anyway, im leaving all my info here just to be safe.

Download region: Brazil - Brasilia

Console logs from the past couple of days:
console-2020-11-28-14.31.29-570fdfb3-eccc-40b1-9870-6cdafcb244ed.log (1.9 MB) console-2020-11-29-15.09.57-968bdd4e-2648-46ec-ac55-3ad6b24ba987.log (1.8 MB)

I literally cannot even play this game. My internet is kinda trash to begin with, but I could PLAY before. Now it’s red ping every single game. I literally just alt-F4ed about 10 minutes ago after dying 4 straight times in a run, getting hit through my block with full stamina and so on.

Region is US East, Download Region in Steam: ‘US - Detroit’.

Guess you’re not getting my console log since it’s apparently TOO large. SIIIGH…

After the latest patch my ping suddenly went from being around 50 - 90 to 170-210. I checked with multiple people and called my ISP to make sure the problem wasn’t form my side.
Here is the console log : console-2020-11-26-19.05.14-9fdd4921-93c5-45da-9ae5-522ac7671ab8.log (653.9 KB)
Region : Asia/Iran
Download region: Turkey , Istanbul

before the patch went live my friends used to get around 50 to 80 ping when joining me. but after patch(3.4)the ping increased to a 160 to 210.
we even tried changing the host but that didn’t seem to solve the problem
NOTE: we are from the same country/city and we never had this issue before this patch
Region: Asia-IRAN
Recent Console Log:console-2020-11-24-17.54.06-4db9533e-b80d-4070-bc1c-e3b75992be8d.log (1.4 MB)
Download Region: Its Turkey-Istanbul(since we dont have IRAN in steam download regions)its always been like this and we never had this issue before

I’m from Poland but as far as i’ve seen, almost everyone, everywhere is experiencing those bugs (i asked many, many players in game).
I’m used to playing with ping 25-30, now its always 90-100, but feels like 200+.
Often noone will join me, bots are completely bugged and useless, and worst of all, i get disconnect like every 1-2 games (quite often everyone except host get disconnected),

How does disconnect look like? Suddenly i see enemies and other players run without moving, my hits dont do damage, don’t kill/stagger everyone. Sometimes i will see some enemies/players teleport (some of them), see i lost half hp or i got downed. Then there is a message abot lost connection. Often i can search for server and join back, sometimes i see host is the only one that’s left, sometimes only i got disconected.

I never had any problems with host. My internet is 1gb/s fibre network, i never have any problems with it, only in V2. Today’s logs below:

console-2020-11-30-18.18.49-c584df58-7418-48c6-9d9e-06da5de0d29f.log (3.2 MB)

console-2020-11-30-20.47.56-c4b78fa5-50ca-41f7-a94c-8c3ab3568c69.log (1.8 MB)

Hereby seconding what my brother (n1lowbob) already wrote a couple of days ago:

Living in the same household, we were used to get a max ping of 40 when just playing with our siblings on the same connection and one of us being the host. When playing on a host with a half-way-decent connection from our geographical region (Germany) we would get around 70 max ping.

No matter what, we can’t get any lower latencies than 70 now, all the while these numbers feeling much less responsive than what a 70-latency previously felt like. 100 ms now feels almost unplayable now, whereas before everything below 120 would still be totally fine. (Meaning I can confirm what others already mentioned.)

We did experience the occasional disconnects as well, though I can’t reproduce it in any way nor find regularities for such behaviour.

Region & DL-Region: Germany

No logs provided since using UI-Tweaks with manually deleting the console-logs after the sessions. Might provide some later tonight after switching off UI-Tweaks.

PS: Despite all problems, huge thumbs up for still supporting and expanding VT2 the way you do. All the content this year has been huge. Keep up the great work. (Also: Skins are meshes and textures. not that hard/expensive to make them being more than just simple recolourings. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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hey,i was playing with my friends who were close to me(regionally) and we were playing for some months .since we were close the ping was 50to 80.but after patch 3.4 we and mean all of us in iran don’t have that ping any more, now it’s like 170 up to 210. and its for all of us we tried everything .we have a group of 20 people with same country. and all had the same situation.

cosole log:console-2020-11-28-16.08.53-23dfe39a-f60b-460c-8f76-b15ed7537c49.log (1.4 MB)
Download Region:turkey istanbul (because there’s no Steam server in iran)

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I have this ping problem since the 3.4 patch release too. ive been playing this game for a year now i never had this problem with people close to me.after the patch release i hvae high ping even with players who are living in my town and we had 40ms ping now it’s 200.please fix this problem we love playing vermintide and we can’t play it anymore

Download Region:turkey istanbul.(im in Iran)
i couldnt upload my console log

I usually play V2 with my wife, who plays on the laptop downstairs. Before 3.4 patch, her ping (I usually host) was 20-30, but now it’s 110+. Before, when I hosted games the client players would have low–50s and below usually, but rarely over 100–ping; now, that number has jumped to 150 at a minimum. My own ping when a client used to be between 30-40, but now I’m sitting around 150-175.

  1. Console Log console-2020-12-02-03.04.56-276d64b8-046f-45a8-85b6-4d25eb04c1ab.log (1.2 MB)
  2. Region: United States
  3. Download Region: US Dallas
  • Description: Used to have around 80 to 120 ping, now it can vary from 120 to 300 (most of the time it’s around 170-180 tho). Disconnects happen but it’s rare, maybe 1 in 10 games.
  • Console Log: console-2020-12-05-10.01.07-6fdd3101-e63e-45a7-a62e-cf2376063240.log (2.4 MB)
  • Region: Portugal (Azores archipelago)
  • Download Region: Portugal

Description: I play Vermintide with a bunch of IRL friends who live in the same city as me, with whom I usually have around 40-70 ms of ping. Since this patch, said ping has more than doubled, now going for around 110-150 ms of ping (usually 140). This is including people who live in the same apartment as me.
Oddly enough, my ping when playing with people from far away, like friends in the US and such, has largely remained the same.
Region: Argentina, South America
Download Region in steam: Argentina.
Latest console log: console-2020-12-04-20.53.01-716cb574-ed47-4f1a-9cdc-b62a6a31971e.log (3.5 MB)

some extra console logs:
console-2020-11-20-20.56.25-8e1d3ae0-2faf-4aac-b216-8c4d14cfa451.log (3.7 MB) Playing with someone living with me + someone from my same city, with me as client
console-2020-12-03-19.46.52-31319d47-9cf7-46fa-96ce-f8deb518017f.log (1.9 MB) Me as host with a friend from the same city

Further information:

Download-Region: Germany, Munich
Console-logs: console-2020-12-06-12.37.23-7189cdf1-94bd-43e6-b68e-4ebc892df399.log (1.7 MB)

These are logs from the last two rounds. The first one on ‘Into the Nest’ having felt kinda alright responsiveness-wise, the second on Athel-Yenlui being a catastrophe. Same players, same ping.

What I mean by ‘responsiveness’:
Having played as Saltzpyre with BH and WHC most of the time on Legend and Cataclysm, the Rapier is probably my most-played melee-weapon, thus I’m using it as a reference. I usually have a headshot-rate of about half of my melee-kills with it. As soon as I am in a lobby that feels ‘unresponsive’, I can immediately tell by my hits, despite clearly being aimed correctly as I have gotten used to when controlling hordes, not being registered as headshots anymore. This results in much higher density building up in front of me, effectively not allowing me to control a horde anymore. Having played certain weapons countless hours, you develop a certain feeling of how much you are usually killing in a certain amount of time, letting you judge wether you will be able to control a horde in place, when to back up, because density is too high and so on. This doesn’t work anymore, as soon as the lobby shows signs of these hits not being registered as headshots anymore, especially so the more enemies are piling up.
My uneducated guess without possessing any further knowledge on network-coding would be that syncing/lag-prediction and the like do not work as well anymore as they used to, getting worse the more enemies there are to control.

Another observation backing that theory: Pathfinding
Enemies a lot of times now tend to not straight up engage anymore, but will do all sorts of weird sidesteps, or charge straight into you while only attacking when they are already standing inside you, ignoring collision. They will correct their movement-path several times when trying to adjust to a moving player, resulting in weird unblockable hits being dealt against the player or player-attacks not hitting the enemy.
It doesn’t matter wether playing as a host or a client for these things to happen.

All of these observations are NOT true when just playing with bots in a private lobby. Everything does feel smooth and responsive, pathing seems to work, enemies engage in ways we have grown used to, player attacks seem to be processed correctly and so on.

Will add more logs the next days.

At this point, I am really hoping there will be a rollback to the previous network-code with the start of next season, as right now, most rounds are simply unplayable. :wink:

I may have found an interesting solution to my connectivity issues.
I had a lot of “Timeout Error” when I tried to join lobbies since the 3.4 update (you can find more information and console logs in my previous message in this topic).
The game was quite unplayable for me because I could not play with other players.

Yesterday I tried to launch Steam with TCP protocol instead of UDP protocol.
I changed my Steam shortcut and added “-tcp” :
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -tcp

After relaunching Steam, a Steam update for Steamworks was automatically downloaded.

Since then, I don’t have any problem to be joined or to join other lobbies.

I hope it will help some of you.

Ping was around 30~40 (basically always <50) before the patch, now the lowest ping with people near me is as high as ~110, most of the time it will be ~150, sometimes even reaching 200. I suppose this has something to do with region connectivity setting from Fatshark’s side?

Additionally, when connecting to China pre-patch there were a lot of packet losses even though the ping is relatively low, but the packet loss makes the game basically unplayable. However, after the patch the packet loss issue when connecting to China seem to be fixed, so I guess that’s something? lol

Console log: console-2020-12-06-12.28.30-93be9d10-7d8f-4d36-8c11-edfcf498dc48.log (1.2 MB)
Region: Asia (Taiwan)
Download Region on Steam: Taiwan

1.Play games with people in the same area It’s always 100~200PING so~lag


3.console-2020-12-06-15.50.00-4ab9759a-2e6f-4f22-8ba5-d924620372fa.log (1.9 MB)

console-2020-12-07-09.28.22-992ed2a3-ccf0-498a-8a3c-8edc711207e8.log (1.5 MB)

console-2020-12-02-07.51.37-51bb5d9f-45aa-420c-b98b-2d52ff0941d2.log (3.8 MB)

console-2020-11-29-04.20.55-f74c1874-2621-4f2d-96ae-50bfa8ec4319.log (2.6 MB)


Here’s the picture.

  1. I join random qp game with variuos ping (there can be any value), play some time, then have massive lag spike with no signs ping changing (ping number in tab menu remains the same) and either it goes away or more likely I lose connection to the match and go back to the keep all alone.
  2. Here’s my console log:
    console-2020-12-07-19.44.56-a21086d0-2c4c-471c-bd9a-8c9f5fac1e3a.log (905.2 KB)
  3. My region is Russia, Moscow region to be more specific.
  4. My download region is Russia - Moscow.

Fatshark seems to be using steam datagram relay. This system forces players use relay servers so that traditional p2p connection won’t work anymore. Both client and host are forced to connect to a steam server to transfer data. Thus ping has become client-server ping + host-server ping, while it’s merely client-host in the old way. This is why players in the same house would have relatively high ping ---- @KunigundeH has to send data to a Frankfurt server then his brother receives data from Frankfurt. Russia players suffer a lot because the nearest server they could reach is deployed in Warsaw. This system also has no relay server in China mainland so that Chinese players have to connect Hongkong or Tokyo server.

As long as there’s no roll back or in-game alternative connection option, those who lags can only seek help from vpn.

So it’s actually not a bug or a problem causes lag. Instead, you’re lagging because fatshark’s “network rework” works perfectly. There’s little thing to do with your steam region or download region.

If you use windows resource monitor (like what @aweftg did) when connected with any player either being host or client. I highly suspect you would find most packages are sent to ips listed blow. These are the servers SDR system deployed around world:





Moses Lake


Sao Paulo

Hong Kong



Los Angeles






Oklahoma City






Sofia, Bulgaria

Stockholm (Kista)

Stockholm (Bromma)


Tokyo (North)

Tokyo (South)



log:console-2020-12-02-03.38.34-ef81a79d-0061-405e-bcf5-1b88c0f1dedf.log (702.0 KB)


Well then I suppose the best way to fix this is to give the players an option to either switch between the type of connection they want or just revert back to what it was


I don’t think they’re going to do that, they wouldn’t make that change without a reason

Don’t you think this many players having this issue isn’t reason enough?

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