Not a single game without Crash to Lobby

Since engineer release i’ve been noticing curious lag issues first the ping was anormaly high but this eventualy got fixed for me.

Now and from the beginning i’m having issues as a Host or having a friend of mine hosting, HUGE spikes of latency occuring randomly For all the players mainly during hordes, and disconnecting all the players but host back to the lobby.

I eventualy can join back but it can happend again and within all the games we did i could say 9/10 of the time, so we barely being able to finish a single game since November.

We tried disabling mods, going beta steam, checking our internet but no clues, all i can say is we have pretty low ADSL internet, France and we have decent PCs.

Also i cannot upload console log for some reasons (error please try again ), you may find previous log in this post.

Hi @Anoth,

I’d recommend using the BETA Steam client perhaps, as they have made some changes that may help, see under “SteamNetworkingSockets”:

This article explains how to switch to the BETA Steam client:

Any feedback on whether this helps, or not, is much appreciated!

Hi, i’m using the BETA Steam already

Ah, sorry, yes you did mention that in your main post! m’bad. I’ll pass your logs along!

I’m sorry that I can’t offer any immediate solution for this :frowning:

Issues with connectivity since 3.4 are a top priority for us though - we’re working on it.

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