Enemies pathing broken on some spots/sometimes don't attack

At first I noticed this, when I crossed invisible “lines” or stood on different spots. Enemies were running away from me in a straight line, just to climb up to another route and then engaged in combat. When I moved forth or back through this certain invisible barriers the enemies immediately changed their route. Either to run away and take a more complicated path, or engaged directly. I could trigger this by only moving slightly (happend on CoD in the area of the second tome).
Sometimes enemies sometimes won’t attack at all. This goes either for ALL or only a couple. Differs somehow…
These spots seem to be rare and for me hard to find and to reproduce. It seems that a certain other “event” has to take place, before this actually works. Just an assumption.

Here are a few examples:

1.) Screaming Bell: Bardinbot died while he single-handedly engaged a patrol, stayed with them and died. The enemy patrol chased us down and I wanted to face them were they had to climb up to me. Instead of doing so, they stopped completely. At this point this was for all other enemies as well. Behind me and to right (mainsquare) was only standing cannon fodder…
Me and the bots could move freely on this platform. As soon we left it they immediately unfroze. After that, enemy movement progressed normally.
I hope you can see on this screen that the blackrats aren’t in any movement animation:

2.) Festering ground: at the section where you “MOVE THROUGH THE CAVE SYSTEM” and descend to the locked chest with the grim inside. There’s a spot, where the enemy mob is quite uncertain how they might proceed to you. Again: there was this “invisible barrier” where I could change their pathing immediately by just slightly moving in some direction. Some enemies just stood there, some jumping around between some spots and others managed to approach. The thing was, when I slew the already-approached, those who were unengaged unfroze and either attacked or jumped confused between some cliffs and eventually attacked.

3.) Convocation of decay: that spot where you climb up a ladder to reach the first switch to open the first door (not the elevator section with the 3 switches!).
Again: the horde was torn in uncertainty. A couple fellows managed to climb up and attack, others just stood there and the rest hastily ran back and forth as I was able to control their pathing somehow.
(no screen available)

  • It appears that this happens more often when I actually have high ground over the enemies. Could be connected to climbing?!
  • 1.) happend once so far
  • 2.) about 2-3 times
  • 3.) strange horde behavior like described happens from time to time throughout the maps. To those described I remembered best
  • I hosted 100%; either alone with bots, or with someone else

Hopefully those screens provided are conclusive enough, as I have taken them in great haste!

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I’ve noticed this too. Good eye

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