Noticing Invisible Walls on WS and Aiming While Crouching is Bugged

Two issues:

a) Noticing tons of invisible walls that stop my arrows when I try to shoot through them. Seems to extend ~0.5 ft around a lot of boundaries and objects. It’s more than would be considered reasonable.

b) When crouching, the aiming reticle displays full diflection and arrows fly wildly. I’m sure this must be a bug. Not sure if this is isolated to longbow but, at present, it’s currently impossible to aim while crouched as WS + lb.

Inivisble walls seem to be quite the problem, i think it’s that they put them in to stop ratlings shooting through things, but forgot that it affects players too

it used to happen to a lesser extend to the handgun and still happens i believe to the other longbow, although on keri it seems to definitely be a bug since moving makes you more accurate.

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Don’t take this the wrong way but curiosity has me asking did you play during this round of beta or is it your first experience with the new patch?

I didn’t play the beta but expect the wall dealie is a side effect of it, as @sasa mentioned.

The crouch aim bug existed both before and after the patch.


Yea, that’s indeed why I asked, a lot of extra ‘‘invisible walls’’ seemed to pop up for me and friends as we jumped into beta, seen a lot of reports on it on the forums too which almost makes it seem as though a lot of textures were made ‘‘solid’’ but weren’t trimmed along the edges so any protruding corners regardless of player-visible textures are currently stopping ranged weapons and effects.

Either that or new blocking-frames were added hastily to a degree that they weren’t trimmed appropriately in the process @_@

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I noticed the invisible walls as well today, very frustrating when trying to snipe something from around a corner.

Curious as to whether the aiming while crouching thing is intended or not… I can imagine that IRL a longbow would probably be harder to aim crouching than while standing, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

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That logic seems to what applies to krubers, but on kerillian walking while crouching gives you normal accuracy, so i assume it’s not intentional.