Kruber Bow is still buggy and often times wont shoot during ult even without concoction or speed boost. just base ult

  • Steps to reproduce the issue: Use ultimate ability and use a combination of
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you: More than you want
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence:
    here you can see i shoot once, it bugs out. have to switch to melee weapon then back to bow. shoot again and it happens again! i get frustrated and shoot the ground. this feels horrible and the last version of this bow mechanic, version 2, was good. there wasn’t a need to change it. in its current state, it is worse than ever, nevermind a few ppl that didnt like the fact it unzooms when you shoot. unzooming after every shot is not a bad thing; often times we gotta re-position anyways.

anyways, sry if im ranting but i HATE how some of these “fixes” are catering to new players and making the game worse to play for the existing loyal playerbase. if the unzooming really bothers new players, elf longbow is the one for them :man_shrugging:

Lots of existing loyal players have been asking for these tweaks to Krubers longbow for a long time. It still needs some work but overall a positive change in my opinion.

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