"Explodable" fire rats after death

I just had this idea while hitting a dead fire rat’s tank, so I’ll put it up for discussion here.
When you hit a fire rat’s tank, it explodes, which does a fair amount of damage, but this does not work, if the fire rat’s been killed (without exploding the tank of course lol).
So how about making the tank still “explodable” after killing the rat? Would bring a fun little tactical element into the game. You’d have to watch out to not accidentally set them off, while you’re close, but you could also use it against your enemies lol. Also exploding stuff is just fun in general.

Now gimmie dat feedback bois.

Edit: or maybe someone could make that as a mod?


For the more info tag, He’s basically asking for the flame thrower rats to still explode if you hit their tanks after they’re dead. Right now they only explode if you hit the tanks during the kill.


Lol yeah, that’s basically it xD sry for my unnecessary long description xD

I think it could be a nice feature, more ways to blow up vermin filth is always fun. They would have to make some visual change to the tank after exploding so you can easily tell if it’s still “active” or already kaboomed (yes, that is a word).

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If it´s not too difficult to implement then it sounds like a fun idea?

The more explosions and madness the merrier, we could even have rats riding sleights loaded with explosives at this time of year, looking to deliver the Heroes an explosive delivery of gifts :smile:

I’d be all for it, can’t get enough of rats dying through their own devices, especially that green burning animation looks really good.


Simple and solid idea, I like this.

Might be able to expand to gas rat corpses letting gas explosion or gunner doing a 3 second shot wherever it is facing. Add more tactical killing like on weaves rose bushes.

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