Please work on the special spawns :) - Auto aim, magnetic targeting, shooting through walls

Love the game, the improvements seem great, however my biggest gripe is with the special spawns.

  • RattlingGunners (Keep shooting through walls)
  • Grenadiers (seem to have auto aim and perfect gas placement 100% of the time)
  • FlameRats (sometimes feel like you are hitting them forever and won’t die)
  • BlightStormer (Constanly spawn outside range / behind walls but can seem to cast a perfect storm), please prevent them from being able to do with without line of sight
  • AssassinRats Seem to be able to jump from halfway across the map at times, plenty of times we have seen them seemingly jump from outside the map onto us directly, IE, way behind high castle walls (where we cannot get to).

Apart from that, seems pretty good :slight_smile:

Thank you


Ratling Gunners > Agreed

Grenadiers > Cant agree with that - are you sure you are not standing relatively close to him ? Got enough Grenadiers that just throw their stuff … somewhere but not where the Team is - at least on range, when you stand next to him he will of course hit you always :smiley:

FlameRats > Depends on your Weapon, most FlameRats go down in Two to Three hits in my Playthroughs ^^

Blightstormer > agreed

Assassins > Could be never noticed that ^^

They’re working on the LOS issues for the gunners which should hopefully negate them shooting through anything. Just remember that most (not all) of the time you can shoot them back through that same object they’re shooting through.

As for globadiers I’m ok with them having great aim, it’s their entire role in combat so they should be good at it. I just wish they would have a delay between spawn and throw, as currently I feel the time between an audio cue and gas hitting ground is less than a second and offers little to no reaction time. Not to mention the initial impact hits hard, too hard in my opinion.

Blightstormers should technically respect LOS but currently don’t 100% of the time. Hopefully this gets fixed along with the gunnner issues?

Gutter runners I find that if it seems like they get you through terrain or in a very enclosed space, it’s usually because they spawned almost right next to you, which shouldn’t happen.

on the grenadiers I agree once with shade I went with ult to rescue my companions but the grenadier gave me while he was resurrecting (or tell me if they can attack while I rescue them)

Honestly I think there is a serious problem with the AI Director and Spawn engine…

Lets take these two Groups as an example.

First one… standard Meta Party with Mostly Ranged (Me as WHC). This is Convocation of Decay LEGEND successful run… note the actual number of specials spawned… this is the total for the entire thing… 36 TOTAL Specials at its COMPLETION.

Party Ironbreaker, Sienna Pyro w/beam, Waystalker, WHC (Me)

Now contrast that to a failed run yesterday, Same Legend Run on Convocation of Decay… but different party… FAILED at the Halfway point… just a little ways past the Doors with the Symbol combination you have to open…

Check out the total number of specials… at the HALFWAY point for THIS party… a whopping 33 Specials at the HALFWAY mark… vs the other party that had a grand total of 36 at the END of convocation of decay…

Note the Classes are all the melee versions… yet magically and mysteriously they had MORE specials spawn.
Kruber, Shade, Sienna Unchained. ie… mostly melee.

So why did DOUBLE the number of specials spawn for the second Melee based party… vs the Range based party having only HALF that amount.

I think that’s a legit question to ask.


Someone mentioned that hordes and specials spawns are CPU related. I.e. you have decent CPU and you hosted the game - you are doomed with specials.

It’s feels like that. Some runs I made were like pre 1.05 patch. Just pay good enough attention to specials and dont f up blocks - win.
Some of them were like horde sound incoming right after previous horde killed, with sh&t tone of specials coming in and all that during chaos spawn fight.
One time I had horde during ambush. Like I’m killing rats that get out of bushes / holes and that sound of horn coming and I see zombies running at me in 15 meters.

We put a horde into a horde so you can kill horde while killing horde. Yo-Dawg-Heard-You


Thanks so much for posting that. Mirrors my experience exactly. I don’t think it has anything to do with composition because I almost always play either Pyro, ws, or BH and it happens every time for me.

The numbers I’ve been getting are on par with more waves + bigger waves deeds too.

I agree… some spawn just ruin the game:

  • globadier just spawn off view/off map and hit you (also through wall);
  • stormer: another enemy that spawn off view… sometime you can dodge the storm, sometime you are between horde and wall… so gg, wp;
  • you can see spawn some patrols just on you.

Anyway yeah, sometime spawn less specials, sometime more specials… it dipends on host.

yep, there is serious problem with AI director. Skittergate, wipe at rasknitt. 8 specials through whole skittergate lul. no hordes and stuff


Note that firerats also shoot through the same walls as ratling gunners.

Globadiers I’m fine with them, except when the spawn outside the map: you can’t hit them, yet they gasbomb you with perfect accuracy.

And there’s one thing that bothers me about gutter runners. Since VT1 I got used to putting my back against a wall as soon as I hear the sound cue of a runner, so that I don’t get jumped from behind.
Well, in VT2 I get jumped from above anyway, by runners that either spawn in the sky, or outside the map and somehow jump through it.

Ah, and no one mentioned Lifeleeches, but yesterday I had one spawn inside me, or rather I was inside the leech as it spawned and my attacks didn’t do anything.

the no horde/special its a bug. Its there since 1.05 beta. Dunno how it happens, so i hope they will find a fix for that and spawns too.

Fair enough,

I did see it this weekend too with a couple of Ranged Based teams as well.

The insane special spawning, like 4-6 at a time. Double spawning the same special in the same location, etc…

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What’s the deal with specials twin spawning? I’m getting a lot of those since the last patch. Is it intended? Any word from Fatshark?

/edit: they are still happening

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