Grail Knight voicelines not matching

So it’s been awhile since the Grail Knight came out; and was wondering if there was any word yet on why the subtitles don’t match what he’s saying, and have specific lines that actually match the Grail Knight and what he should be saying… But doesn’t

I mean; is it because of Covid and them not getting the actor in? Or is it just for the next big update that they have the recordings but will put them in later.

Hopefully they’re able to actually update the new DLC careers to have more matching voicework done.

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IF you listen to the voicelines some of them definitely sound echoey or recorded …out of the usual method.

I can’t blame anyone at all for things being a little wonky when everything was going full pelt with COVID, and since then it’s been a series of other things - engineer being the main one I suppose.

Once everything is back to normal, it’ll get fixed but I guess there’s some people off/isolating/awaiting tests/working from home or possibly even unwell and add into the mix seasonal Stuff. Plus Chaos Wastes and Darktide and so on.

If it was me who was the sound guy and the voice actor, it’d be something I’d want to get fixed fairly soon. It’ll come, and as the UK has just had another vaccine authorised for use it’ll be ramping up to be back to normal quicker.

It has been this way since release. Probably has something to do with trouble getting the voice actor to do the lines, might be because of COVID. For Chaos Wastes coming up they’ll need new voicelines in any case (at least, I’d assume so), so they’ll get the actor to record anyways. Hopegully they’ll do the missing GK lines then as well.

And @Argonaut14 : This is not the thread to discuss it, but before things are going to go smoothly again is going to be looooong time, vaccine or not…

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