Grail Knight voice lines and subtitles are off

I’m not sure if I missed the boat here, but the new Grail Knight voice lines for Markus are off (voice line and subtitles don’t match) and mixed with his other careers voice lines. I’ll give some examples on top of my head, but they may not match exactly to what is said because during the thick of combat I may not be able to read due to other voice lines and subtitles appearing over it. Regardless, here are some examples:


  • When Markus is using a shield (regardless of the shield) he’ll say the “Pillar of the Empire” voice line whilst the subtitles says “Let a Knight of Bretonnia be your shield”, or something along these lines. Managed to see this in Convocation of Decay, Against the Grain, Righteouss Stand. Pretty much every map I played and used the shield.

  • After killing Bodvarr Ribspreader, if Markus lands the killing blow, he’ll say the “Praise Sigmar” voice line whilst the subtitles talks about “King Taal”

  • In Dark Omens, the conversation between Markus and Sienna regarding the worship of Taals happens. I’m not sure if its intended or not.

  • Kerillian and Bardin still call Markus a seargent in certain circumstances.

  • Markus thanks Taal for armor when he’s hit.

  • Markus and Saltzpyre dialogue is inconsistent because in Convocation of Decay he still calls Saltzpyre sir when discussing the worship of Nurgle and in certain voice lines he’s calling Saltzpyre “Sir” whilst in other he refers to him as peasant.

  • In Halescourge, he uses the line “By Taal the northlanders will pay for that” whilst crossing through the house and seeing the destruction of Helmgart.

I’m not sure if some of these are intended or not, but I could see some glaring inconsistencies with his career (Grail Knight) and the voice lines, especially those refering to other gods (Taal and Sigmar) which I believe are restricted to Merc, Huntsman and Foot Knight.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue: Play Grail Knight career with Markus de Mandelot
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you: Quite often to the point that I wasn’t sure if it was intended or not and if I should post in the bugs section or the feedback section.
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence: Don’t have any at the moment, but I’ll look around to find a way to record my gameplay and post here, sorry.

The career itself is amazing and I loved the concept, but his voice lines could use some polishing for consistence sake. I feel like he doesn’t use his Grail Knight lines frequently, using mostly neutral ones.


As I mentioned before, I’d provide some in game footage of said voice lines or subtitles being off whilst playing as Grail Knight.

Grail Knight Convocation of Decay voice lines:

Here you’ll see the following:


Saltzpyre and Markus “Good killing Kruber, you’re a credit to your regiment” and “It’s all service, sir.” 17:50 ~ 17:59 The worship of Nurgle conversation did trigger in this run. However, it did not continue by Saltzpyre.

Grail Knight War Camp voice lines:

In this video you’ll be able to see the following:


Thank Taal for armor 12:00 ~ 12:13 Ammo box 20:30 ~20:37 and 21:54 ~ 21:57 Bardin calling Markus (Grail Knight) seargent 21:35 ~21:43 Bardin calling talking about Markus as if he’s a soldier of the Empire whilst he’s a Grail Knight (not sure if it’s intentional or not) 22:00 ~ 22:09 Markus after killing Bodvarr Ribspreader as a Grail Knight “Praise Taal, he’s going down!.. yes! That’s a dead champion, mates!” (look at the subtitles, probably the voice line wasn’t said due to all the chaos going down at the moment) 23:00 ~ 23:07

Grail Knight Halescourge voice lines:

In this, you’ll see the following inconsistencies/bugs:


Markus and Saltzpyre: Cut it’s head off, peasant 1:15 ~ 1:19 Markus and Saltzpyre: You’re wounded, sir 11:54 ~ 12:00 Ammo box 3:13 ~ 3:15, and 5:35, and 7:31, and 20:16 Texture bug at 19:56 Also check the globadier being sacrificed to the Great Maw at 12:27

I kept using the shield in hope he’d say the “Pillar of the Empire” voice line, but I couldn’t get it to trigger. I’m not sure as the times I could hear this voice lines I was farming Against the Grain for his weapon challenge, so maybe it’s tied to Against the Grain.

Also there’s another inconsistence with bombs. Sometimes he calls bombs a peasant’s weapons and then he just says bomb or is even thankful for it. Kerillian voice lines do a better job of consistenly showing how she’s not confortable with bombs than Markus’ Grail Knight voice lines.

Don’t mind my broken spanish at the end of Convocation of Decay and during War Camp. Spanish is not my first language, and I don’t speak spanish at all. I was just trying because the player that joined did not speak portuguese.

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