Late Grail Knight feedback

First, let me thank you for the new keep voicelines about the GK, some of those are hilarious :slight_smile:
I’ve been very critical of the grail knight in the past (even if gameplay-wise it’s one of my favorite careers) and this goes a way towards helping me accept the development. Having the other 4 react to it makes it more real. I’ve enjoyed the line about Kruber’s blood"line" being more like a “smear” across the Empire. I think new lines remarking how unusual this development is, can only add to its credibility.
As such, I point to you what the biggest “flaw” of the whole story is, in my opinion: the voiceline in VT1 about how his family hails from Talabecland. I’d be curious if this was addressed by some of the other heroes, or Lonher himself.
Maybe we could also have an idea exactly how far down the smear his ancestor is.

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